Chat Issues? Still!

Why does the chat system randomly stop sending and receiving chat for several minutes, THEN do it’s disconnected/reconnected thing?

It’s a frickin chat system not something mega complicated!

The old chat system never went down, never disconnected, never not sent your messages!

What’s the deal CCP?

It’s been a complete debacle and should not be allowed to continue!

OK spleen venting completed

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Inb4 lock.

Nice rant!

Chat system? STILL? I guess they’re too busy with other things like nerfing and boosting and reshuffling to pay much attention to what really matters.

Still. I am currently watching 8 chars in my corp being on grid with me but only 4 of them show up in corp chat.

And just now I switched system and the game tells me that there are 12 chars in local but the chat user list is empty, doesn’t even show my name.


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