2018/12/07 - Chat System Issues

Hey guys,

We’re currently aware of post downtime issues with the chat system.

The Dev Team is currently looking into resolving these issues, and we hope to have things rectified soon.

Please keep an eye on this thread for more information.

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11:40 UTC

Issues with the chat system are currently under investigation.

11:45 UTC

Issue is resolved, spamming in Jita local and posting of ASCII dinosaurs may now resume!

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Cool story. Yawns

Funny, because all of mine suddenly connected just now.

Edit: Though different clients seem to see different groups of people.

same here!! :slight_smile:

Issue is now resolved :slight_smile:

maybe not, some are show blue in one chat but not in another

Good to hear. I was hoping if you could also post updates on the twitter account. I was waiting for some announcements on twitter, but I found it here :frowning:

Tell people to relog because you fix does not fully translate to active clients. Some channels I was banned in didn’t allow me to join even after other functionalities were restored.

And may I also suggest that you keep your smug low because this disgrace of a chat system does not warrant any form of showing off or fun from your side. Especially since local and other chats aren’t fixed after all. I have people docked in my structure but no one shows up in local chat or other chats they participate in.

You probably mean mitigated, as no doubt it will be back soonish.

Also all people that logged in before the fix and still have their local blank will not show up on other peoples (fixed) locals, as well as peopels standings did not refresh so they show as netral while blue etc

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