2018/10/15 - Chat System Issues

Hey guys,

We’re aware that there are currently issues with the chat system.

We’re working on resolving these as soon as we can.

The Tranquillity cluster itself is still in full working order, we’re just in the process of attempting to recover the chat system.

Updates will be provided in this thread as they become available.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

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19:40 UTC

We are currently investigating issues with the chat system.

19:50 UTC

The chat system appears to now be recovering. We are monitoring the system and hopefully things should return to normal soon.

20:00 UTC

We still currently have a couple of chat proxies that are causing issues but the bulk of the system is now back up and running and should be returning to normal.

We’re currently working on resolving the remaining issues.

20:30 UTC

Around 3% of our online players are still affected by this issue - we’re working to resolve issues with one last problematic chat proxy.

22:45 UTC

Pilots who are still experiencing issues with the chat system, should try logging out and back in again. The system is back online and we are monitoring one chat proxy that has been causing issues.



At least multiple people in Jita have lost all their private chats and channels, as well as local showing about 50 people…

This buggy stuff needs to be fixed, for real


Same issue. Local and all chat tabs are not working.
I minimized the chat and found that its making 250 chat tabs and counting LOL


that explains why i suddenly lost chat an fleet

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Old chat system never had this problem you’d think CCP would clue in and bring back old Chat system


Maybe local is permanently borked?

They’re reworking it, from now on all chat channels will be in Korean only.


I went to perimeter to watch fireworks. My local showed Rancer :stuck_out_tongue:

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Old chat code was probably deprecated, and would no longer fit with the rest of the code.

They’re all-in at this point, even if it means issues such as the OP describes. Obviously they need to fix it, and I’m certain they will.

I’ve always hated XMPP servers. They’re one of the banes of my existence for some reason.


They should at least Remove Local in Highsec, maybe all dem scammers will actually go outside for a change :slight_smile:

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Go outside of their dwellings, or outside of highsec? :rofl:

I know… I know… back to my hole.


Outside in reality sitting infront of comp to long will make you FAT!

Outside? :GASPS:

No, but really… They gonna fix it soon (LOL)

and im very sure noone from CCP/PA even notices all of jita chat is broken right now

such freaking fail

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Im sure they havent noticed the laggy writeing from mobile depot’s in jita and surrounding areas eathier

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oh boy this will make tonight boring because no one will be out too scared local chat is not working.

What chu talking about im Vendetta ratting in null gotta make that isk yo!