EVE chat broken again

In Jita. Messages dont get delivered and chat is suspiciously empty, local list was too for a time, not even displaying my character. Hamsters need a raise apparently. :moneybag:


Still. It is broken still.

I was hoping the chat was banned from me for once.

Weekly reminder that the chat system has been broken SINCE MARCH. THAT IS FREAKING OBER EIGHT (8) MONTHS AGO.

CCP obviously either doesnt care, cant fix it, or doesnt know how to fix it to let a MAJOR FEATURE LIKE FREAKING CHAT go broken for over 8 months.

name one other game from a “major global studio” that has something like this

Strange, it still doesnt work, and there is no announcement here. Hamsters sleep too. :sleepy:

Or is that broken for me only? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Well, Jita chat got so ■■■■■■ up it started delivering Jita’s local in nearby systems. Was in Sobaseki, and yet the bloody spammers were still there, with local number jumping around.

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Amazing irresponsibility. I am stunned. :open_mouth:
Is this how we use Jita now? In Silence? No funny scams to read and people telling scammers to shag themselves? :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

What have we became !

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I say, since Jita is dead, just put it at -1.0 security without telling anyone and let things go their ways.

I propose Thera as the new major trade hub as replacement !

I see over 4650 people in Jita local chat but no one chatting - seems fine to me

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They took the whole Forge region and put it in Jita


No need for local if you’re attentive and using your directional scanner :slight_smile:

Its Jita local, trust me, you aren’t missing anything.


Yeah, my D-Scan is working just fine in stations. Thanks mate.

still not working for me, hours after you started this thread.

Was in Jita late tonight but it seemed to look normal… I don’t pay much attention to local there anyway…

This isn’t a bad thing. Local should be removed anyway.

Actually I wish it could be broken in Jita forever.


I realize may players feel as you do about Jita chat, but I like it.

I think it makes Jita come alive, :slight_smile:

And, it’s still not working for me.

Remove local?

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