Jita chat broken?

So, i just logged in this afternoon after about 8 hours or so from my last login. Before i logged off a few hours ago, jita chat was working fine. Now, tho, for some reason, theres nobody in chat. Nobody in the list, nor any activity going on in the channel. But the station shows 1300+ people, and when i undock, theres dozens of ships there. I logged in the first time a few minutes ago and chat showed 10 pilots. I thought maybe it was just a glitch on my end, so i rebooted the client, only to make those 10 pilots vanish from the channel. Now there’s nobody in the channel at all! Anyone else having this issue? I didn’t see any topics on the forum about it, but i’m also exhausted due to being sick, so its possible that my fatigued brain simply overlooked it.

Any feedback is appreciated!

Business as usual. Buy some skins.


Been going on for months. Ever since they offloaded traffic to a 3rd party.
I don’t think EvE’s chat system is ever going to work again.

working as intended??

that’s a blizzard answer!

That’s a shame. So how are the scammers, griefers, scumbags, trolls, whiners, and prostitutes going to talk to me?

LOL. Liar!

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now seriously… who needs jita chat? only scammers… Let the chat be down xD

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The last few times I’ve jumped into Jita, the chat channel does not update from the previous system eg Perimeter, Maurasi etc. The player list is still those from the previous system, never changes. No chat from Jita or Perimeter - double bonus. Obviously a difficult bug to fix.

Was roaming yesterday and inside deep null-sec i was seeing spam from Jita local


No the blizzard answer is “Don’t you guys have phones?”


Their answer also is “You don’t want to do that either, you think you do, but you don’t.” :wink:

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Been in Jita, now my local is perma busted, even after relogging my local is totally messed up.
Keeps loading up some people from Jita in local, then resets back to destination system and starts to reload 30ish people from Jita again just to reset to destination local etc etc.

Get the hint and just accept some of the 1 mil gecko contracts so Jita local will no longer haunt you. :slight_smile:

Shut up or they will make EvE for iPhones only.

There is already a mobile version of EVE

What exactly is bad about shutting up the scammers?

Do you not have a phone?!?

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