Local chat gone

Im jita for last 2 hours and local is 100% gone, no people or chat showing, other people telling me same.

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Same here… Ok good, I thought I got banned lmao.

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No jita local?


“If our current efforts do not yield positive results by the end of January [2019], we’ll begin the process of investigating the reinstatement of the original chat back end, which despite its future limitations, served New Eden reliably in the past.”



so half of people local not working in jita and zero word from ccp LOL

Try switching the list type for people in local to full, then back to compact again. Not sure if this affects the chat side, but I’ve seen times where local gets stuck, and switching the listing type back and forth seems to fix that.

It did show improvement at the time, hence why the chat system wasn’t rolled back, you should have seen how borked it was lol

like 10 hours later and still broke for a lot of us, hoping DT fixes it tomorrow…

I would think that no jita local is a good thing. unless you are one of the spam bots in jita.

Lost local AND npc corp chats. Scope chat is gone.

As to the post about jan 2019–they NEVER fixed local. Low sec is still HORRIFIC. It’ll kill you more than it’ll help you. It seems that there are still people out there that can willfully trick the local sever into disconnecting them and they’ll vanish from local, and god help you if you get targeted by one of those people, the server freaks out and lock you out of every possible action for a solid 10 seconds.

I still, on rare occasion, can keep the same low sec local through 3-5 jumps, and then it’ll pop into the correct one in middle of the warp across a system.

I want the old system back.

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dt is over and its still broken

@ccp please help

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Local’s working for me, but my corp channel is missing. Every other channel works, and my alts can see my corp channel

I’m wondering if the only people complaining about a lack of local in jita …
… are spammers.


Same here can’t use the corp channel since the update…

This appears to be isolated to Jita local. Your corp channels are only affected if you were in Jita when you logged in – a relog outside Jita will fix the corp channels. We are investigating what is happening in Jita, please enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasts.


I did that and now returned to jita


Nope some of us use it for intel

Where will people buy their cheap 1 mil Geckos now?! :scream:

I’m also having issues (corp mates having the same issue) in null sec, so appears to not be limited to JIta. Got 4 people in system currently who are not showing in local, tried logging in and out.

it was working againf or a few hours and again BROKEN!!!

come on guys fix this please.

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