CHAT System not Working ...?

I just connected and my Chat Windows is not working.

I’m in High-sec.
I can see others flying and in the station Guests list.
But no one appears in the Local Chat Window ore the Corp Chat Window.

Is there anyone else with the same problem ?


I have the same issue. Occasionally it fixes for a channel or two but it hasn’t stopped. Blackout on every channel now? 0.0

Zhalyd_Lyehin > Testbong - undelivered

This new chat error is so much fun. Now the chat not only keeps disconnecting, it also stops delivering messages altogether.

Fleet chats don’t show up at all. And some people even have local chat fully working again.

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Same issue here. No corp chat/alliance or fleet. Come on CCP… it’s Friday fun day.

All chats and local dead…

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chats are dead, halp ! more SP compensation plz


Yes having these issues myself as well.

It’s a UK Friday after 6pm, TGIF !! - they’ll all be down the pub…

not only the normal, but the usual ■■■■■■■■ rookie help chat that connect EVERY time i login and giving the pc cpu stopping aura, where the user count in this channel increase up to 18000 users… ccp, turn chat off complete… lol like you turned off the local, do the same with the rest.

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Same Issue here. Most chats not working, even fleet chat won’t open for me.

looks like blackout came to high sec

Happily Npc’s can’t talk with you too often by chatting. The pve si safe…

She’s dead Jim, seeing my alts in local who are not even logged in

Got 3 toons in the same system in HS, two of them appear to be showing (probably) correct local member list, the other is just going crazy with random toons.

o7 Goddess!!

High Sec blackout of doom.

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is this the new weapon system of electronic warfare that jam the chatting system anywhere?

Already Once and for all.
When CCP is going to have an icelandic chatting system managed from Iceland from and by CCP? Not from a tiers party from anywhere ( in this case silicon valley = anywhere) that impend them to the fact they can’t solve any issue quickly.

Thera is showing names in Local… not sure if it’s affecting other WHs too.

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it’s effecting null but it’s not actually true data. this guy hasn’t typed and is showing but he’s 100% not in that system either