Can CCP please fix chat?

Local shows X, but only my name appears. Across all my alts they don’t see everyone in fleet, maybe one toon will see everyone. I’m fighting someone on an Athanor but their name isn’t in Local. Certain players are learning how to exploit this with repeatedly logging. Plz CCPlz

Just pretend you are in w-space. :upside_down_face:

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Yeah they’ll fix whenever one of their cronies needs it.

Not being able to trust local is one of the best changes they ever made.


I’d like to be able to trust Fleet chat.

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don’t trust anybody, especially fleet members

you apparently think that chat channels are useful, particularly as intel. CCP has clearly stated that is not the case. so what you perceive as broken they see as working as intended. therefore, nothing to fix

its a shadow Blackout version 2.0 thats being tested here :smiley: i get disconnected from chat server quite alot lately.

You actually think they are capable of doing this? :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


Also, people will say something to me in Local, and I’ll only see it on 1 out of 7 clients.

Use only 1 client → problem solved.

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No, because it also happens in fleets with other players. Also happens with Corp chat and player channels.

Someone sent me a convo and it took 5 minutes for their messages to show up. The time stamps showed they’d been talking, but neither their messages or name appeared.

This is a real problem beyond “intel” or whether or not you agree with multiclient playstyle. It’s about the useability of communication systems within the client. Try thinking beyond your usual knee jerk responses. The world is more complex and nuanced than that.

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Goodness, things do get testy around these forums…

I’ve had chat blackouts myself lately, though they haven’t been sufficient in number or frequency to disturb me. It seems there may be something amiss.

I don’t let it bother me, though, for I find the urge to chat is a wholly resistible one!

Perhaps CCP has bigger fish to fry…

i use one client ->problem not solved mate.

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I like the fact that the client has so many issues. This makes it feel like I’m flying a REAL spaceship, you’ve gotta be prepared for any possible malfunction. Once there were two of me in local, the good me from the positive energy dimension had somehow wound up in my space, and we battled at the sun for hours until finally we agreed to a truce. Hahaha, she was so naive and trusting. She cried in local as I blasted her capsule back to wherever it came from. Then my client crashed.


I’ve also appeared in multiple systems, not only to my alts but to blues as well. Someone even dropped an observatory hunting me - I wasn’t even there!

Sometimes I’m there when I’m not there, nobody can see me. People try to talk to me, or issue contracts, or trade things, and I’m not there… but I can still shoot my guns!

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Same problem for me. I sent in a ticket but GM said that it was my ISP blocking chat nothing to do with their side. I hope you get your problem fixed. I’ve been playing blind for 3 weeks now, pretending everywhere is wormhole and travel using Prowler only.

Multi-boxing Krabs are needy, especially @Xuixien.

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John Cena? Is that you?

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