Local is definitely broken and completely, CCP. I just went through five unique systems and saw the same exact people listed in each

It’s not working.

As I sit here tethered in null, at least fifteen names have flown through my system where I had grid visual on their ships.

Not ONE of them showed up in Local and Local for me has not changed once since I arrived.


You at least see people. I just logged in again and my local, corp and alliance chat are all just empty black.


Same here too…

You cannot even convo people on the same grid

Nothing is showing local, and nothing is showing in any chat channels yep now it’s worse. Please put it back to where it was broken not completely WH version.

They said they got it solved daddy :slight_smile:
They promised :slight_smile:


It’s all dead, not just local. Tried a few restarts which didn’t help, did verify cache didn’t help either.

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Better not start something that takes longer than 15 minutes…

downtime incoming…

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Local dead grrrrrrrrr

And they announced that it was FIXED. Oh sorry, Resolved!! LOL

Cmon, just admit you are testing blackout 2.0

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Blackout reloaded…now they force it upon us because it worked so well with the photon ui

Awkard as this is their 20th celebration… :sweat_smile:

I would be screaming at the organization who hosts EVE’s chat servers.


Here kitty kitty

p.s. thank bob there’s beacons in them event sites, lol


Relogged and verified…no change…at least its not the launcher…

Have fun screaming at AWS. They have not (really) listened to CCP for the past 5 years (since the Chat services were outsourced), they certainly won’t listen to them now.

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What messes me up is that you even cannot talk to people on the same grid…no communication at all…it’s one thing that the serverwide chat does not work but convos? On the same grid?

Indeed…I’ve experienced all the following…

  1. Joining fleet and no fleet chat window shows up

  2. Local showing zero people…even though there are 18 people in the station with me

  3. Local showing the same people even when I change system. I flew 3 systems and Local was still showing the people from the original system I started at.


Every time you change the channel the local resets for me

It is not bug. It is feature. Null takes all systems :rofl:


A paid game…
nullsec UNPLAYABLE for a responsible pilot cause a key feature (local) is completely broken and…
the only reaction of CCP is “resolved and closed” 2 days ago???
W T F !


I logged on just now and Jita local and NPC corp was just completely dark, not even myself listed. Completely broken.