Local is not fixed, same issues as yesterday have started again

As title, the same issues as yesterday are starting again with local chat.


“Logs indicate the last chat disconnect was at 03:55 UTC”

#CCPlease Most of us never had disconnects but ghosting


CCP - “Ohh we’ve not seen an issue for a couple of hours, it must be fixed. CLOSED”


Every “chat is borked” thread for the last four years:
“Our logs show no issue, thread closed”


Local works fine for me. Except that it does not match between 5 toons.
Each toon sees a different set of people in local, some there, some are not.
Some are on grid and visible but not in local…

CCP its not fixed and its insulting that you post yesterday of chat issues involving connectivity, then that its resolved and lock the topic when the issue still clearly persists and is causing chaos.

This is a CORE feature to the game. A very broken core feature.
Everything in game revolves around communication.
Going on now two days of major disruption on 5 subbed toons.


Can confirm, also had issues with not seeing people in local that were defnitely in the system. Sometimes I couldn’t even see myself (local was completely empty).

I mean where are we even supposed to report this? I’ve tried tweeting them and it’s like talking to a stone.


Definitely having issues, most noticeable with local but other chat channels too. I had 80 in local inside a WH yesterday, who, weirdly, were in system with me two jumps earlier.
Similar issues today with names in local carrying over to next system.

I cleared my cache, I’m still seeing the same characters across multiple systems.


As of 13:29 game time, issues still persist.

Yep, same craziness here. Just had a red hecate land on one toon, local shows zero reds. On the other toon it took more than 5 minutes for the roster for any channel to populate when I logged in.

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Local is definitely broken and completely, CCP. I just went through five unique systems and saw the same exact people listed in each.

As I sit here tethered in null, at least fifteen names have flown through my system where I had grid visual on their ships.

Not ONE of them showed up in Local and Local for me has not changed once since I arrived.

(downtime happens, no more error message on Launcher) Logs-in and seems to be okay…

Then gets ganked by 7 neuts that aren’t showing in local…

No it wasn’t a Wormhole.

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