Chat Issues

Chat still not working properly… People appear in local but even if they leaved the system, they remain in local chat. They also appear in local chat over a few systems. That makes it impossible to play properly, for the ones doing PvP, because I am hunting ghost’s and not safe for the miners because they still appear in local but are not in system anymore.


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Yes, cleared cache and the issues still persist. Same character can be in more than one system (but is probably not in either).



yup continued… i clone jumped from 1 system to another region and still seen the previous region chat… even after taking gates the chat was still the same.

I had to relog my client to get chat to show my new system, this is 100% broken again.

Everyone is experiencing issues with local chat and chat channels in general.

  • Characters either do not appear in Local or appear after they’re gone.
  • Characters are appearing in different systems simultaneously.
  • Some players cannot connect to chat channels at all.

and still nothing from CCP joys… my main cannot load any channels now

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No chat won’t work, be it local, corporation, etc.

My corp mates can’t see each other online. Not good for business.

Chat has not been working for the last 3 days. Going to stop playing EvE until they fix this.


It’s been 3 days since the chat crashed! I hope that this is not included in the gift for the 20th anniversary of the game

My chat has been messed up for 3 days now. No local again today. When I join a fleet I don’t get a fleet chat window. Can’t even say to pretend I am in a WH or in Pochven, at least there I would get fleet chat. How many more days before you start crediting Omega time lost. Currently nearly unplayable outside of solo gameplay, and can’t trust intel.

This issue has been happening for me as well on multiple characters. CCP is aware of it because 3 days ago there was a big red banner in the launcher for a bit.
It would be nice if they acknowledged the issue here. Even if they don’t have a fix yet.

Logged in, could not see local, could not see rookie help, could not see corp chat. The issue is ongoing.

After some time, maybe 5 minutes, rookie help appeared. Local and corp chat is still empty.

this is truly a mockery! How long does it take them to fix everything? thank you for a good holiday that the CCP arranged for us …

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Since we have a official Thread here: 2023/05/11 - Ongoing - Intermittent chat issues this one should be obsolete.

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