2023/05/11 - Ongoing - Intermittent chat issues

Updated 2023/05/17 - 10:53

It has now been 48 hours since the updates were implemented, and chat continues to be stable. We will monitor and keep this thread open for further updates.

Updated 2023/05/16 - 12:00

It’s been 24 hours since the updates we performed at downtime yesterday have been in effect. In those 24 hours we have seen chat stability return.

The chat stability validates the results of our investigation, which has been ongoing since these issues arose, in that the underlying cause of the outages was due to a third party. We will continue to monitor the chat system and will update you when further information is able to be disclosed.

Updated 2023/05/15 - 15:39

Since downtime today chat has remained stable and we see no indicators that is going to change. We will continue monitoring and give updates if that changes and chat starts getting outages again.

In the short term we are working on changes that prevent this from happening again. Once the necessary changes are in place we will share with you all what those are and some of the fundamental changes that we intend to make to the chat system going forward to prevent these sort of issues.

We are still keeping this issue marked as ongoing for now until we are satisfied that it remains stable in the long term.

Updated 2023/05/15 - 10:30

Hello everyone,

We understand that this outage has been incredibly frustrating so thank you for your patience as we attempt to resolve it. Know that it is our highest priority to fix this issue.

After investigations over the weekend, this morning we have implemented a few changes for the chat system which should take effect after downtime today and will hopefully fully resolve the outages.

We will continue to have updates throughout today as we monitor the effects of the changes we have made.

Updated 2023/05/12 - 13:15

Our latest attempts to stabilize the chat after downtime were unsuccessful and chat remains unstable.

As we continue working on solving this problem, to help to alleviate the major problems that arise from the lack of or inconsistent local chat we have put together a temporary stable local which is Opt-in and is accessible through the Feature Previews System.


Enabling this feature creates a separate new instance of Local and they DO NOT share what is posted.

Seeing other players in this local should be very accurate and stable.


After enabling this feature, when logging back in the next time, there may be a brief black screen and pause as you transition past the character selection screen and into the game.

We will next update you on the progress of solving this problem when there is more information that can be shared.

Updated 2023/05/12 - 12:43

Another outage is currently in effect and an update will be posted once normal service is resumed again.

Updated 2023/05/12 - 11:45

A few changes were made during downtime whilst the issue continues to be monitored.

Whilst progressing with the investigation, optional temporary relief options are being explored as well to potentially help.

We understand its incredibly frustrating and the amount of information we’ve been able to share has been limited, but as soon as more information becomes available, we will continue to update this thread.

Updated 22:45

There have been no further reports, reporting will resume as soon as an update becomes available.

I’ll keep this thread open for the time being.

Updated 21:45

There have been no further outages for the last 30 minutes - We currently don’t have any additional information regarding the cause. The investigation is currently paused and will continue in the morning.

We will continue to monitor and update again in an hour.

Updated 21:15

The outage has subsided. Unfortunately, the root cause of the issue remains under investigation.

Updated: 20:48

Appears there is another outage again, we are still working on continuing to try and resolve it.

Updated: 20:40

The current outage has subsided again. The cause of the issue is still actively being investigated.

Updated 20:10

Chat is still experiencing issues. I unfortunately, do not have any additional information regarding a resolution for this problem at this time.

The intervals of updates will now be 30 minutes.

Updated 19:50

Looks like the recovery lasted only a moment. We are still working on continuing to resolve chat.

We will keep you updated on the progress.

Update: 1940

Chat has recovered at least for now. We are still looking into the cause for this.

This issue is related to chat problems we were experiencing earlier as described in this thread.

Hello everyone,

We are currently experiencing what appears to be full outage or major issue of the in-game chat system.

We are investigating the cause and we are doing our utmost best to get it back on line as soon as possible.

This thread will be updated every 15 minutes with the status of this issue and our progress towards resolving it.

Hang tight,



Before this happens, my in game search feature stops responding

you are 3 days late


Thank you for the update, I hope it gets fixed soon.


Thank you for the update, i will share it with my mates in corp chat.


When do you plan on marking this one as “Resolved”?

Edit: Jesus apparently you just did. I can assure you it is still buggered and most definitely not recovered as of 1940…

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Just to echo the above, it has most certainly not recovered.

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2 days late lol, also still broken


this is most certainly not resolved… o.O nullsec local still f’d

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Since you can’t really have an MMO without a way to chat with other players, what does this mean for the future of Eve “Online” as an MMO?


Can we get a postmortem in the devblog section when the problem will be solved?
Thanks in advance.


4 years of intermittent problems with chat, ever since it was outsourced.
We all know it.
You deny it.
It’s getting beyond a joke now.


yeah no. its still broken. No chats load

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Still broken, massive delay in Local, fleet chats also not working.


Chat not working for me too. All is empty. I cannot comunicate with my fleet corp members.

Edit: Just now it recovered.

When do you intend to acknowledge that local is broken as well?

I am referring to all chat, including local chat.

Still offline, 3 days, Is this another one of your intended outages? like a few years back. I find it hard to believe that only chat is having issues, and not others aspects of the game? if people loss stuff do to local being down are you going to be reimbursing it? at this state in null and low sec its all but impossible to play the game as intended.


Other aspects of game have been having issues since 4/25 patch. can’t safely dual box now due to lag and client freezes. Brand new PC - posted specs in the known issues thread for 4/25 patch: Version 21.04 - Known Issues - #95 by Ashlelle

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hope the coffee maker holds up this time

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