Chat issues - 2020/05/11

UPDATE 14:12

The chat servers should now be operating properly again. If you still have any blank chat windows (eg. corp chat) relogging may fix it.

We are aware of a problem with chat not functioning on Tranquility. We are working on it now and will keep you updated.


Is this a DDOS or a config/patch issue?

Is there any way for the in-game notification system to flash a warning when issues like this are detected? I know for most this might be obvious, but it would be nice for those of us who travel in the quieter parts of town why nobody is about.


Remember when in january 2019 you promised to roll chat back to the old servers if you couldn’t make it stable???
Well that was 16 months ago and it’s still borked.


@CCP_Dopamine @CCP_Convict It will be nice to have official statement on the chat issues which are persistent since end of 2018 I believe.

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:red_circle: If you were working on it, you would finally admit your error and revert back to the better inhouse chat system.

We’re still investigating the exact cause although this doesn’t appear to be DDoS related.

Interesting suggestion about the in-game notification for technical issues, I’ll bring it up.


CCP Support must have elephant skins by now with those ‘it use to be better’ postings.

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It isn’t just the chat though is it, i mean you cannot authenticate anything with the sso either?

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Im in jita and local is blank, also cant convo anyone in chat


:red_circle: Try to relog, repeatedly. I just had the following issue again and relogged to fix it. BEfore I relogged, chats worked fine, now they are broken.

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lots of undelivered messages in corp chat , local broken , everything broken after relog. no loading MOTDs, no crop members online, entirely blank window :slight_smile: gj CCP


That’s the new project discovery, CCP is looking for a cure against cancer and ablation of jita local was the first step towards it.


@CCP_Dopamine all of my channels and local are empty…

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CCP should seriously consider to revert back to LSC (LargeScaleChat) from XMPP

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:red_circle: Funny. Now the chats tried to load but failed and this resulted in 3 chat channels mashed into one tab. It looks like a weird abomination and is a perfect representation of CCP’s efforts to outsource services.


@CCP_Dopamine And again every chat broken, when does this get fixed ?

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In 2 years it should be okayish.

Again CCP at its finest. How about forgetting the shite gifts and actually work on fixing the current issues.

but but, that random bpc for 100 t1 small blaster ammo was VITAL to this games health and existance. EVERYONE needs to get their 1 run bpc for 100 rounds of t1 small blaster ammo!

Also throwing in the usual “me too”. no local, not even a motd for my corp. All tabs dead. GG for the people that use chat channels for organising and picking members for stuff, like incursion channels and any fleet/corp recuitment channels! You want pilots, you no get pilots!

right clicking your name doesn’t work either. God I miss the old chat system! never failed.