Chat issues

Again, chat is not registering me in Corp or Local - it seems this issue crops up almost every time we get an update…question is WHY?

I am registered in other channels I attend fyi.


Yep having the same problems every so often

I tried logging off several times - didn’t fix it.

Finally, I just had to quit the game and restart and I’m logged.


Man that is so common that peoples no longer even care about it. They just accept it and move on.

Fleet chat isn’t working. Plus, after a client restart, I got kicked out of some channels because they were not public. Great. :slight_smile:

Chat system keeps on giving.

local channel appear the some local in 4 system
& kicked me from corp channel !!!

Yep happening to me also.

Can log into the game, and not show up in local or any chats for 2-3 minutes… Glad I’m in HS where that doesn’t matter so much! :wink:

Must be something to do with the new patch. I’ve noticed it for a couple of days now, but not as extream as today.

Update: Just jumped out of Amarr with 450+ in local. Took 3 more jumps before local updated!

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Local is very cooperative and useful again today: I see the same character in 3 different systems, and the Locator agent says the char in question is in a completely different area. Working as intended, I guess.

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i am seeing the same characters in different systems at the same time so chat is borked atm


Again, today

Registering in public channels but not in chat, corp or alliance channels

makes it difficult in null, for sure

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Chat login with minutes of delay…scout char connected after 8 minutes to local chat (not as if this was one of the absolut MAIN FEATURES IN THE GAME!!)…after more than 20 minutes still only half of local members loaded - so wer absolutely fugged again.


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high sec working fine but null sec broken as normal

…which is completely nuts in null sec^^

Oh right, nullsec players just can’t play without local. The rest of us, who play in ls, pochven or wh have no problem with that…

Now when I looked you up on killboard it makes sense that you care. :wink:

Anyway I think everyone should care and be annoying with it, but EVE players are like sheeps and the game is addictive and offers niche they don’t find elsewhere so they are tolerating everything to the point that CCP no longer even care about bugs and even exploits lol. Posted an exploit few months back and they didn’t even reply to me yet.

Ultimately the game is dead, players just don’t know it yet.

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My high sec local is broken as well, FWIW – and corp chat continues to be broken.

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curious…whats wrong with my killboard?

Read again, I never said there is any problem.

I was travelling through a system and saw a friend in local… He didn’t even login today. XD
He did travel through the system yesterday, so his “signature” in local was there all day. He was 20 jumps from that location. Haha, local is very much broken.

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