Major chat problems

Since about half an hour local won’t refresh when changing systems and our corp chat won’t load at all. No people in it - while our public corp chat channel works fine.
Anyone else experiencing issues?

Yes, no local, and no corp chat.

Just laughed at the guys in our WH that popped into the local chat. We screamed WE SEE YOU THERES NOWEHERE TO HIDE NOW! haha they made a b line for the exit xD

Local not update, fleet chats not updating… Weee.

yea broadcasts are gone too! My alliance is laughing as HS is now J space xD BRING BACK THE OLD CHAT SYSTEM it worked for 14 years!

yeah same here - lost several chatrooms this way as well


Fleet chat right now. :joy:

I saw 1 toon in 2 diffrent places at the same time, lol

And apparently a corp mate just saw in a system in Delve while I was absolutely certainly logged out in a completely different system:

That’s a whole new level of AFK cloaky camping. :joy:

AWS acting up again. :innocent:

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Chat still broken :rofl:

Quite a bit of lag. Didn’t pay attention to chat, but jumping between systems took a looooong time. Refresh into the new system was also taking more time than usual.

So much ppl expelled from dedicated chats , is in constant LOOP trying to recconect !!!

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