Major chat problems

(Jonathan Bergmann) #1

Since about half an hour local won’t refresh when changing systems and our corp chat won’t load at all. No people in it - while our public corp chat channel works fine.
Anyone else experiencing issues?

Chat channels and Broadcasts not working
(Sere O'Asis) #2

Yes, no local, and no corp chat.

(Travonus Trapoll) #3

Just laughed at the guys in our WH that popped into the local chat. We screamed WE SEE YOU THERES NOWEHERE TO HIDE NOW! haha they made a b line for the exit xD

(Rivr Luzade) #4

Local not update, fleet chats not updating… Weee.

(Travonus Trapoll) #5

yea broadcasts are gone too! My alliance is laughing as HS is now J space xD BRING BACK THE OLD CHAT SYSTEM it worked for 14 years!

(E6o5) #6

yeah same here - lost several chatrooms this way as well

(Rivr Luzade) #7


Fleet chat right now. :joy:

(Djoni ann) #8

I saw 1 toon in 2 diffrent places at the same time, lol

(Rivr Luzade) #9

And apparently a corp mate just saw in a system in Delve while I was absolutely certainly logged out in a completely different system:

That’s a whole new level of AFK cloaky camping. :joy:

AWS acting up again. :innocent:

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(Rich Darine) #10

Chat still broken :rofl:

(Samuel Triptee) #11

Quite a bit of lag. Didn’t pay attention to chat, but jumping between systems took a looooong time. Refresh into the new system was also taking more time than usual.