CCP .... Local is Janked

Local is jank across all toons. This is day 2 or 3 of this mess and still not fixed. Hell, the same guy is showing in 6 different systems. We need this fixed ASAP. Doesn’t this go against the SLA? Seriously


where do you know ? did you have in all 6 systems an alt ?

youre right … local chat is evil so lets delete the local chat and nobody can see if theres a “problem” with local chat !

You mean junk

I have more then 6 alts and I can see the same names in more then 6 systems concurrently if I spread them out.

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i dont believe you ! so many dude say they “see anything” but then at the end → they lied or didnt know what they saw !

btw … minimize local chat ! nobody needs it !

Same…Thanks for the validation!

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Please pontificate on your reasoning. I’ve heard this since 2003 without anyone being able to convince me that it’s valid. I’ll give you your choice of Mom if you’re successful…

I :heart_decoration: that skin®…


I am still having same issues. Made a ticket.

Local still f*cked and no word from CCP

Finally someone made a ticket! Now they fix it for sure.