Local chat still borked

Why was the local chat thread locked? People still show up in the chat list in some nulsec systems. Unless you’ve removed the blackout from nulsec. or changed it to only happen in random systems, but I guess you’d mention it somewhere right?

Look at the top of the forums bro. falcon posted a notification saying they are working on fixing it.

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That’s not what it says. It says:

" Hey guys,

We’ve experienced chat issues this evening, but services have been restarted and are now in the green again.

If you’re still experiencing issues with chat, please try logging out and in again to refresh your connection to the chat cluster.

If you continue to have issues, please file a support ticket at support.eveonline.com and the GM team will be happy to help!"

I’ve relogged a couple of times since this message and the local list still shows up for some nulsec systems. It does not seem to be a complete list either, and it seems random in which systems it shows up.

it seems like those trigs or drifer are really hacking the network atm


A post is not a support ticket. You can do that here ( https://support.eveonline.com/hc/en-us/requests/new ), make sure you are logged in on the site.

Just kill the damned thing already and fix more important stuff. Local chat is dead. Rest in peace. Move on.

@CCP_Falcon you say issue is resolved and closed thread, i leave it here and go to bed, good luck .

They are making Blackout for the whole cluster?


They also said if your having issues still log out and log in

If someone comes into local, seems they stay in chat even when they have left system. I have logged out and back in to see if it fixed, but it does not… If I log a new client in after they leave, the previously logged in client still shows them in chat, the fresh logged in client does not. So basically, the chat servers are not removing people from local chat once they leave, unless you logout/login… Which obviously is no good.

There may be other issues, but this is the issue I have noticed.

yeah, I’m seeing Local from random systems in the region, it switches every thirty seconds or so.

Can confirm corp mate having the same issue.

Also having issues. I see no point writing another ticket about same thing others reported just to give more job for GM’s

Cool, do i have to log in and out at any given jump?

With luck, the DT reset may help. US TZ ops have been … interesting.

Still broken?

I think so. Some guy told me a few minutes ago even Wormholes have a Local now :slightly_smiling_face:
In Low-Sec I saw guys close to my ship and guests at the station but not in local…

If we all have to write the GMs how CCP Falcon said then they will have a lot of answering to do.

How do you figure that?

They dont owe you squat

He means Falcon, to the GM’s. For giving them extra work they can’t solve and thus get negative reviews for.

What? Again to acheive what?

GMs arent Devs or guys in the server room.