Local chat still borked

Yes, thanks.

I know. Probably thought the problem was solved. Maybe the support can inform them about frequent messages, if CCP doesn’t notice it itself.

Did you file a support ticket? No? Do it now. If yes, why are you whining about it here?

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And that is one of the biggest reasons CCP has lost so many players over the years.

Bad customer service. This is not a service provided for free like a police department. This is a company selling a product and their crap customer service has lost them more players than anything else.

Because this is seems to be a widespread issue with the chat system - which GMs can’t solve as they wont have access to

Clearly a widespread issue GMs cant solve. If we had to wait till next downtime for it to be completely fixed, they should have told us so rather than pass the burden onto the GMs.

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There are only 3 possible reasons for Falcon’s remark:

  • standard answer to any problem, because it sounds really customer oriented
  • to get more data on the problem
  • to get more customer complaints so they can escalate a ticket to the company that services their chat for them

It’s most certainly NOT to help sort individual issues.

And that makes them different from other companies in what way?

Also, public services arent free.

If you do not earn enough to pay tax do you lo longer receive police services?

When I said free I meant they are not paid directly on a per use basis.

As to different to other companies. Well those other companies got really big or went broke. Thats the difference.

Its all companies.

No business was EVER set up with the purpose of “lets provide this service”

And as for the cops I guess that depends on who you are and where you live.

Snorted my Earl Grey because of this. Thanks for making breakfast interesting.


Well they could be free but no one has figured out how to get the brown paper bags full of money off politicians to fund things besides more houses for the politicians yet.

I guess we can’t expect compensation in SP? Even after making dumb video how local is still broken.


Violent revolution.


Or a 4th reason, just a wild guess: Friday night, IT people about to leave for the night. This issue will be resolved after downtime as it’s a matter of systems not synching with each other after a reboot of the chat system. Damage control so that the IT people can leave the office is restart the chat system so that it works in high sec / low sec … As for nulsec, wait for the downtime reboot. Let’s tell the customers to talk to the GMs in the meantime, as it will be just a 12 hour window till the downtime.

You mean like “standard answer to any problem, because it sounds really customer oriented”.

Only easy in countries where the pro-government nuts don’t have all the guns.

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Easy in any country that has enough people standing up for what they believe in.

But this is off topic.


Taxes pay for cops.


Sooooo, you’re not in the USA?

If I were CCP Falcon, I’d just use a blanket statement that any and all technical issues occurring are part of the new Chaos Era and leave it at that.

But I’m a terrible human being and it’s a good thing I don’t work with the general public… :wink: