Local chat not showing players sometimes


From latest patch some people have troubles with local chat showing people. For example I warp in nullsec system and see 2 people in local, but getting reported about neut that I don’t see + also 5 more friendlies in system. Tried restart game few times, log on another character and nothing worked yet. Also noticed if someone write in local they appear in local list… From what I get there are more people having same issue.

screens made at same time by 2 different toons.

Can we get someone from CCP team look into it?


Me too! Please fix this…

Yeah, I noticed people missing from local as well. But CCP never intended for local to be used for intel, so it’s probably not a high priority for them to make local a more reliable intel tool.

For people living in null or lowsec is really important… warping into system to see nothing while there are 3-4 neutrals or enemies is really dangerous. But same thing apply for some high sec systems with suiciders or people that are at war… Not sure which ccp dev to call for that will try @CCP_Explorer can someone please look into it?

Edit: For some reason the chat sometimes work as chat in wormhole… untill someone write something in local you don’t see them, while other toon see everyone just fine.

I’ve got this issue too.

Local is either broken or only shows half the amount of people

It’s not just local that’s broken. All of my chat channels are offline, corp, coalition, everything. Anyone know if CCP is looking into this?

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all my player channels just auto closed out of nowhere WTF/??

this is whack sht

I have this problem randomly between a bunch of clients. This time around the clients that don’t have chat are unreachable in eve with convos or fleet invites, but they do appear in local for the ones that are working. No number of reboots or relogs have help at all. I have even switched to a hotspot to check it wasn’t my interwebbings. The clients that work, work every time, and the ones that don’t never work regardless of restarts…

not only local. fleet, corp and other chat channels are recked to…

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Where is the universe?

Exactly same issue - chats were working find yesterday. Log in today and corp + local chat winodws are empty with no player counts - not even my portrait until I type something. Also, I know people are in local as they docked at same station as me. Even if it’s just me that’s still a count of 1, but nothing shows.

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Same problem here, no chat anywhere, local, corp, channels.

Our whole lowsec mining fleet got attacked and there was noone in local besides us and suddenly a 10 man Legion gang warps in <_< Imagine our faces :unamused: we were not even on voicecoms and couldn’t use the fleet chat to alarm the people, because it was delayed as well. What a mess

At least they are aware of this issue. :>

Local chat is down again, started acting up around 09:20 EVE Time.

From a GM you cannot rely on local as intel so is blackout now a random thing now?

Had one hostile disappear from local but you could still dscan his ship meaning he was still there then few seconds shows back up in local so unlikely a log then log back on.

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Any update ? this problem is still there. People appearing or not in local chat …

had same problem.
the local chat does not shows real local, want CCP fix this ASAP, CCPLS

The local chat is null-sec is not working. I cleared the chat logs. The local chat does not work.