Game broken after last patch

Hello, I have issue with my client on sisi after last patch.
When I log in my game loading longer then normal and after that all my chat windows and overview is reseted to default. I try load saved overview from backup but when I restart client evrything rollback to default. And additionaly Channels window contain labels with “[no messegeID: xx]”. I try clear cache and repair sharedcache but without effect.

Any tips how fix that ?


Yup OVERVIEW setting wiped out, tabs exist but now all on General
Chat window location/size reset, all channels other than Local and Corp missing
Good thing I can recover most of that from TQ - and do some backiing up to avoid the constant wipeout.

I have the same issues. Copying core_user and core_char files from TQ settings fixes the overview and shortcuts until the next restart. Same is with loading the overview settings from backup.

Also, drones are bugged (checked that only in a wormhole, though) - when I’ve dragged them to space, they disappeared from drone tab and I couldn’t give them any command, neither over context menu nor keyboard shortcuts. They are shown on overview and brackets, but are unresponsive. After relogging in space when warping back I could see them on drone tab as drones in space, but were still unresponsive. I could’ve only scooped them.

Several updates have already occurred but the error is still there. Any news about this ?

all went wrong with new mirror.

Nothing can be done about the chat channels unless CCP does it. They are testing the new chat channel backend and intentionally broke it by not importing the old chat channels. You will have to remake them until the next mirror. Tthe new chat channels are very buggy. But they work.

To fix your overview simply export your settings to an XML file on TQ, copy it to your equivalent sisi directory, then import on sisi. ie: backup your overview and then restore. CCP wipes out my sisi over view settings on a regular basis. So i always have a backup available.

I have not noticed any issues with drones.

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