Chat windows resetting

I know about the recent fuckup caused by ccp not actually bug fixing the patch (Seriously, if you had logged into sisi and played for 10 minutes you would have came across most of the bugs in this patch)

Anyways, every time i log in, the playerlist/text box size of each window resets and it triggers me because I like them very specific :slight_smile:

Also I’m completely unable to set alliance motd, and corp/alliance motd got wiped.

Any progress ccp?


Same here, my OCD is acting up hard.

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that bug fixed today Mon 25th, but ccp have introduced a new bug in that the box size adjusts when hovering over boarder, most annoying.

Confirmed. Same for me.

The other bug doesn’t appear to be fixed either. My member list and text input box still reset upon logging in. It also grabs the bar and moves it as the cursor moves by.

Local is still “recent” not “immediate,” and the member list of all my channels today deselected the “show compact” option.

I mean wtf - did even one single person test this for 5 minutes before it was pushed onto live? A blind man would have probably spotted that new bug instantly.

Whoever is ■■■■■■■ with the chat for the last few weeks… I mean… honestly… just… go away.

Same. hovering between chat pane and character list makes the slider move around and the two pane resize with no clicking. It’s like the mouse button is permanently activated.

Same here

Maybe the machine spirit has awaken and possesses the chat window. :ghost: :scream:

Yeah its retarded lol. My alliance does regular testing/practices on sisi and for the last 2 or 3 weeks we’ve had all these issues on sisi regarding the chat window, it’s silly how ccp could have literally logged into sisi for 5 mins to see its broken haha.

The patch didn’t fix anything for me, however I do have this bug too now.

not only do the windows reset and i lose my default font sizes and text only choices, the open window is usually corp instead of my preferred local.
speaking of local, it still bothers me that my own alts keep showing up as newts. randomly
you have to wonder why the default for a chat window would be anything other than text only

the text box size so far seems fixewd for me, but like many others there are still issues involving the chat windows.

  1. hovering mouse over the dividing border between channel chat and member list moves the border around.

  2. The order that i have my chat channels when they are in the same window keeps changing every time i log in. I like having my chat channels read (left to right): regional intel, coalition intel, Alliance chat, and Coalition Market chat. but every time i log in its in a different order. constatly have to reset it each time.

  3. chat windows are still not registering that i dont want the member list to show. some channels the member list is not important, only the chat text is, and i check the option to hide the member list, but it also keeps resetting each time i log in.

This has been happening if you log in in a system affected by Incursion and it took years for CCP to fix it in that case. I’m glad their response time was faster this time.

Every time I log in chat windows are reset to the smallest possible size in the bottom left. Each window is reset to the default size and show character window. I always set the font size to 14 and text only. I keep local open in a separate window and it defaults back to the rest. It also closes one of the channels I always have open. Just happened again today. How is this fixed?

I’m getting this as well - both in Tranquility and Singularity.

Each time I log in my chat windows are returned to only Local and Corp - even though I’ve had other channels open prior to logging off (I.e. ‘Singularity’ and ‘MassTesting’ channels on SiSi). This also resets the local settings of the chat channels (portrait/text size, list options etc).

This has happened each time I have logged in to my characters on both servers, and coincides with other issues where the launcher doesn’t save the Overview settings I was using for my profile.

As of writing I am using the Steam version of the launcher.

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