[Suggestion] a button to fully disable chat

Give us an option to turn of this terribly laggy chat completely please.

It’s not laggy anymore went into jita with 1500 people and it loaded instantly? Are you sure its not coming from yourside?

CCP were working over the weekend to resolve issues.


Looks like they’ve been mostly successful.

I call it “minimization” really…

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yeah just things like overview duplication and people not even showing up in Chat channels left. oh not to mention being complete disconnected from chat channels and getting a notification that you have been disconnected only when it tries to reconnect you. and lets not forget the game forgetting all the chat channels you have been using to keep in contact with friends for years with no way to get them back if you don’t remember the exact name

yeah that sounds "mostly successful"l to me. sure am loving the “improved performance”

one thing also happening is the boxes reset each time i relog and i cannot pin them, pinning doesnt work anymore, so i relog in a rush and local covers target/approach/orbit etc window.

Thats an issue with your computer, not EVE or EVE’s chat. When I put a window in a spot, it stays there unless I move it again.

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