Chat Issues again?

i love EVE but my - what’s with the chat going all gnarly again tonight?
(and no i’m not in NullSec lol)
LowSec and HighSec toons
all in the same place atm some can see chat
some can’t see chat
those that can see it type and nothing comes up on the other alts screen
most frustrating
had to actually TALK to corp mates rather than spam black and white text at them all night
OMG !!

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Yep i’ve just had the same thing happen. It killed our small gang roam we had just started.

So ■■■■ this ■■■■ i’m going to go play some warthunder.

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Usual untested Software they produce day after day … we are the beta testers but as Long as anybody else is cool with that Nothing will Change.

Maybe ‘clear all cache files’ in ‘Esc menu - reset settings tab’.

Also ‘verify integrity of downloaded files and purge extra files’ in the ‘shared cache’ menu of the Launcher.



yup same here chat server closed chat server starting up. I guess ccp testing black out in Hi sec ?


this game is, well , over 16y old , it’s falling apart. Don’t be shocked :slight_smile:

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