Chat down

(Miles Apart) #1

Lots of “Connection to chat server lost” messages, all channels dropped and channel list empty. Relog doesn’t fix.

Anyone else?

(Haschta Sal Locehctah) #2

Yes mee too :frowning:

(Selene Bork) #3

Yes I am getting that too. yay

(Ancy Denaries) #4

Yeah, noticed this too. Got a bit nervous scooting through low sec and not seeing even myself in local.

Well, at least local is gone, right? That’s what we all wanted?

(Ari Kolapa) #5

i have a mesage here : #meetoo :stuck_out_tongue:

(Petrus Fonts) #6

Confirmed, chat is not working

(Ancy Denaries) #7

Actually, it’s not just chat. Even jumping through gates takes 30-90 seconds on average. I think EVE is just generally dying at present.

(Ari Kolapa) #8

starting to verify cached folder…maybe someone at ccp deleted a needed file :slight_smile:
Remember the missing .exe years ago? :slight_smile:

(Quantus Sumerian) #9

The hampster is going sweepy time

(Petrus Fonts) #10

The usual DDoS imo

(isk4trade) #11

Yeah Chat Server went like TITS UP at like 20:00 … AGAIN … since they ■■■■■■ with the chat balloon experiment, they have had huge problems … I guess it emmigrated elsewhere into the chat code …

(Ari Kolapa) #12

Well THIS time i have all my assets safe…:stuck_out_tongue:

(Dravick Afterthought) #13

Definitely not just chat - can’t see the contents of hangars and ship-bays either.

(Rotas C) #14

me too. chat down, dscan down, docking down

(Ari Kolapa) #15

We are all gonna die!!!

(Ari Kolapa) #16

Real life down :slight_smile:

(Miles Apart) #17

Real what?

(Horza Tareem) #18

Yes, Bob is angry too - taking whs takes me through a traffic control period.

(midget gems) #19

working now

(Vorll Minaaran) #20

Pff, lost a 4 point race due to Traffic controls in Amarr and Khanid.