Chat down

well my inventory functions are all fast and in order and my market too but … that doesnt mean that it aint gonna happen in Europe too …

ok well not working too well, new system aint loading

There is ONLY EVE Online … ALL else is MYTH … even RL …

I get freezes in space for a few seconds or a few minutes at the longest. finally ended up being able to warp off and dock

um quick jump in abyss its safe

eJabberd working as expected , nothing to see here…

chat still down for me

eve is not working properly - i demand reimbursement!!1

I was running a abyssal deadspace when this happened and everybody froze up on me, resulting in one blingy gila and a pod with implants less. CCP better reimburse it all. Though the logs will probably show nothing right?

Mr. CCP games? I don’t feel so good…


the eula clearly states that you have no right for a running server at all…read it and be astound :slight_smile:

you just pay for ccp’s permission to log in the server for nothing more… :slight_smile:

yeah I got kinda nervous as I’d just started an abyssal when the chat went tits up. Thought oh well, bye bye Gila, it was nice while it lasted…

iran is out of world cup and i just see a big light outside and there’s a strange giant mushroom…
maybe it comes that way?

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Eat it and become bigger mario

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me to no local i lost ship

Seems like CCP gave up to work on the maintenance of Eve
And we still hope for better …

I lost a Gila last week for a socket close, they say everything was ok here not responsible for the in between … No refund

didn’t anyone tell you you should dock up when there’s a DOS on?

read eula…no need for a refund…

do you actually have any proof it is DDOS?