Can we get speech bubbles?




This is a great idea, BUT it has to be optional and have size settings or else any place with more then 50 people will become a lag fest where all you can see is the text bubbles


Oh gods no. Local Chat is bad enough, but that sort of thing running in heavy TiDi would be pure torture for players and the servers.

Would be great but they should not be cartoony.

Yeah, good point, but I couldn’t help laughing when I saw the pic in the OP, so maybe make it so there are only text bubbles in certain situations, like when in fleet, and someone broadcasts for reps, or what primary is.

If not speech bubbles then a new chat tab for Grid

Can you imagine the horror/lag when docking or undocking at Jita? Yikes!

I don’t think that will be that bad, but at least you wont see it when you are docked or elsewhere in the system.

Just imagine @Iceacid_Frostpacker’s word salads in space. :eyes:


At the moment it feels awkward to communicate with someone who is right next to you in game :slight_smile: Chat Bubbles / Grid chat seems like it has potential to improve this. But who cares

If only some of us actually played fair.

Here I am Jita Local trying to find pilots with Drone Mind Embryos while sifting through Jita word salad sales offers as there are none on contracts.

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I’d rather not see 1 mil sp and contract spam in space. The rookie corp chat is bad enough.

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Have ccp allowed blocking chat by contents yet?
hypernet link, message blocked.
contract, message blocked.

no… but feel free to post in that thread i linked to give it more support.

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