Game breaking bug with the communication tools

Hi there, is there any mod or GM around? There is a game breaking bug with the communication tools within the game.

Ive recently come back to the game and realised a fundamental bug in the game that I believe needs to be fixed as a number one priorty.

The chat channels, which is a key fundamental communication tool in eve online and in general every MMORPG is not working as intended. It appears that it is not showing members and these are unable to communicate.

Can we exepect a hotfix please ASAP? Ill keep an eye on this over the next few days and submit a few bug reports etc. Ill also get a few communities behind this to see if we can repeat the problem across a few thousand systems to help idenfity the issue.

It would be useful to get acknowledged that the problem is being worked on as well, and a projected ETA.


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We have the same issue. Im sure that CCP must be aware as I would have thought this a core feature of the game.

Ill also file a bug report as I thought it was just me, glad to know thosands of people have this issue. From the looks of the other posts on the forums going back to black out its a been a problem ever since.

I cant see the issue being around for long, i think it must be a recent thing because a bug like this would have to be fixed before they could do any feature enhancements? Chat is CORE to the game. without it the game looses its social appeal.

Im sure that CCP already have a fix are waiting to apply a hotfix or at the very least roll back to when it was working correctly.

Its a known issue, its broken and CCP seem to know about it.

Its ok though if you loose a ship in PVP you can just submit a petition and get your ships reinburst, lots of people doing this and some even abusing this system at the moment.

There is posts on Reddit how to get your stuff back and such, just play as if its working as intended and keep submitting those petitions. One day someone will get sick of the bug reports, forum posts and petitions that it will be cheaper to fix the problem than manage it.

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Seems pointless tho, why intenally break a system to make drama and have to manage the petitions and such? Im sure people are loosing ships and items over this but more importantly we cant communicate.

How can you tell if someone is there or not if they do not show up? I was told I was being rude earlier for not saying hello. I thought I was only one in the system.

So many people getting stuff back because people are being killed by people who are not in the local system? Is that an expliot in its own right? because im sure that is not how CCP intended it to be?

Would be nice for CCP to admit there is an issue, because once and IF they did that then we could expect a fix. Personally I think they like hemorrhaging money cos they do not seem to be fussed with it.

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Aren’t we going on two weeks of this nonsense now?


Question is do the DEVs really know about it? I cant find anythign in the Known Issues so I assume they dont.

There was a patch recently as well, I dont think they know about it. (Cant see any offical response since 2019 about it).

I doubt anyone other than the odd forum moderators actually check these. Only when bug reports get above a certain number will they probably look into it. At the moment Im assuming there is not a big enough of a uprawr to fix anything to do with this. Like i said, easier to file petitions and pay someone to manage them than fix the issue.

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Its strange how the prenise of the game is to communicate with fellow players (pilots) and yet the core feature of the game doesnt work?

Its madness. Seems like they need to hire more QA testers or slow down the release cycles of the game to ensure at the very least some quaility. How something as fundamental as this gets missed is strange. People have been fired for less. Shame there isnt any consumer regulations with intended gameplay :rofl:

The fact that your here, making this post shows you care about the game. After all you and me both are paying money to be here.

Maybe its time for a change. ?

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@CCP_Falcon are you aware and have you already escalated this to the devs? Would be nice to get some feedback today or at least acknowledgement ?

too many ships are being lost to unseen enemies coming in. while the gm says that local chat isnt intendted to be an intel source, ccp provies multiple intel sources to hunters . the ESS set destination button being the latests. For some reason the defenders are supposed to have multiple players watching all possible gates for several systems in order to see people coming instead of single “eyes” toons in each system watching local. If we are required to put real people and effort into watching, then the hunters should have to put real effort into hunting. no dotlan, no agency roadmaps. make them fly around and HUNT.


Its even worse as well, we cant use chat as a communication tool :frowning:

@CCP_Falcon can you suggest a 3rd party tool to use for communication if the ingame one is to be abandoned?

CCP wont endorce 3rd party chat programs. You just have to consider that your not ment to communicate via in game methods if they do not work, #nothingtoseehere

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Then how many bug reports do we file to get CCP devs to look at the issue? could spam 10m isk per bug report in Jita… lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Heres an idea, lest scrap the API to DotLan and ZKill. We could also prohibit the ability for someone to sit in WMH-SO and determine that my reserve bank is ripe for picking, undock, hit the Set Destination button and make a B-Line to LPVL-5. <-- opposite sides of the star map in case you don’t know.

If Local isnt supposed to be an intel tool then how is 3rd party any better? It seems to me that using 3rd party tools is MORE of an affront to the integrity of the game than anything else.

THAT would give the hunted some modicum security… Just sayin.

the really sad part is the GM’s responding to petitions by saying the problem is “mostly resolved” or suggesting that combat probes or dscan in system will somehow save you from the 50 man gang you didnt see coming for 5 systems. it smacks of the blackout all over again. . to say it is mostly working is to admit it is still broken and people are suffering losses because of people that exploit it. fix it and return lost ships in the meantime. and when it is fixed. say so on the launcher, not buried in private mail or reddit

are you aware that chat in EVE is a 3rd party program. CCP has said several times that part of the issue is that it isnt their program.