What the?

Ok I just logged on to find all my settings have been put back to default.

Chat box, inventory view, Industry view for BP’s etc etc.

I also have 80+ notifications in the feed which is always turned off and at the left hand side, but it was back over at the right hand side.

What the heck is going on?

Got into space to find all my screen positions, overview etc all reset as well.

OMG it gets worse, all my drone separation folders have gone as well!!

They reset everything, why?


My UI has not reset.

Did you accidentally move or delete some folders? Or did you press the

Sorry to hear your settings have been reset. Hopefully you still have a backup of them somewhere!

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No I didn’t.

Everything in station and space reset.

I can’t remember the last time I opened the full settings via esc to accidently reset anything.

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Welcome to the best ui ccp has ever created…

A rogue electron flew through the CCP server via cosmic radiation, resetting your stuff.

TBH, this happens to me sometimes when the launcher updates.

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It’s client side and it only happens if for whatever reason your PC messed up the file, you changed around the char files yourself (or copied them the wrong way), they got deleted otherwise or you reinstalled Windows.

If another character you have still works you can copy it over from that one.

It also happened to me a couple of days ago… and returned back to normal after downtime (and the downtime patch). So, it also can be a bug in the game itself.


Since before this new and improved launcher, I have always made a back up. Also if you need to clone settings to other characters and accounts, I use the file copy method as I suggested in my thread about making a simple clone UI button. Seems players are content to use 3rd party tools more often than insisting CCP make repairs to their own software. I haven’t seen much reason to place enough faith in this developer to buy anything other than Plex here. I figure someday I may login to find my account has vanished.

Fly safe o7

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It’s not that players don’t insist, it is just CCP barely ever listens, let alone do something, about things.


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If that were the case then a lot of people would have this issue and the forums, reddit, help channels and discord would be full of them.

“write or load this data” is a really basic low level activity that is not affected by the game client. If there are random issues like that then it’s your cpu, memory health, drive health, power outages, hickups, software crashes, that pc/windows being a giant heap of crap in general or just a case of “woops”. Thing is that that some PC’s have more “skill issues” than others just like some posters seem to have RL and ingame skill issues quite often as well, the funny thing is that generally there’s an overlap.

“Sometimes something goes wrong” is pretty much par for the course for most things including PC’s, it’s not “CCP caused this happen, they need to fix this”, not in this case.

This happened to me today as well, which leads me to believe that the root cause is NOT client side. It was something that occurred with the morning patch, because I was logged in a few hours before and it was perfectly fine. Nothing whatsoever changed on my side, except that my computer went to sleep in the space in between. This is very frustrating as it takes me a long time to figure out exactly how I had it. My folders were color coded and everything…

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Yes, it happens from time to time and is annoying. Eve is not the only MMO where it would appear setup preferences are stored locally. All rather absurd, really. In one MMO I have 80,000 items of inventory, yet it’s too much for the server to store a few dozen data pieces for client setup ? Same with Eve.

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As said earlier, it’s generally a PC skill issue which tends to have an overlap with ingame skill issues, because it’s really just a rl skill issue.

It’s ccp quality coding…

Same is for mission tracking always disabling itself randomly…despite you did not turn it off…

Never doubt ccp quality work…

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I can definitely relate to the frustration… Over the years the same issue has happened multiple times for me as well, mainly right after CCP implements a big expansion download. And when it does happen, it’s not just on one account, it’s on all of my accounts.

Since that issue happens quite often, I’ve now accepted the fact that afterwards I’ll be spending the next couple of days resetting everything.

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Same here, but I still haven’t sorted them out.

It just messes your time up having to redo everything.

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I don’t know why are you persistent in holding that opinion. The problem is obviously present. It fixes itself without user intervention (at least for me). It’s obviously not user error or user action that causes it.

If it were a CCP issue either everyone or almost everyone would have the problem and the forums et all would be on fire all the time, they’re not. It has happened a few times in the past that it was a CCP issue but then the forums were indeed on fire and CCP went “yup” or they even announced it before hand. No such thing right now.

It is some incidents (you in this case) and then some other people here on the forums who are chronic crybabies who always have problems with everything all the time and can’t stop posting attention seeking about how bad everything always is. You know, the modern disease.

“some incidents” (because I’m going to ignore the crybabies) generally comes down to “PC made oopsie” generally exacerbated by “PC is a heap of trash” and/or “user is PC illiterate” and yes, most people’s pc’s are heaps of trash. The majority of PC’s users are the equivalent of people buying a car, not changing the oil for 100k km, be surprised that causes issues to then go “my car is fine, it can’t be me”.

Sometimes write errors happen
Sometimes people fck up their 47 account settings but they won’t say that
Sometimes their PC sucks
Sometimes their windows is a fricking mess (very often actually)
Sometimes ■■■■ just happens


It happened to my account two days after I took an hour to set everything the way I thought would be helpful to me.
It happened again a few days later.

This is my solution: leave everything as is except for the Overview and the graphics settings, which takes 5 minutes to set.
I copied the link to Iridium chat into the Notes tool so all I have to do is click a few times and I’m done.
The rest is just placing windows where I want them and that’s no big deal.

Most games you can’t customize their UI, what you see is what you get and you have to make do with it. I simply put EVE in that same category and move on.


I was relatively isolated from modern gaming culture until my most played and favorite game had a sequel (Helldivers).

That game is entirely PvE so it should be full of the „peaceful good guys“ who are upstanding citizens IRL if we’re to believe all that crap.

And yet the amount of entitled whiny people complaining about failing a MO or people fighting on Malevelon Creek all the time or only fighting bugs or fighting on planets that are guaranteed losses on Helldivers dot io monitoring site is just… unbelievable. The Galactic War channel in the discord is full of spam and trash talk and hating on other players. None of this was in the first game, all good vibes and cape spinning.

It would be funny if it weren’t so sad. They are simply not fun people to have in any game.

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