Another update, another loss of all UI settings... CCP - Leave my settings alone!

Getting really sick and tired of having to do extra work in the background, outside of the game to have to reset my UI settings whenever CCP bring out an update…!!

Sort your coding out and load the UI data from previous files instead of writing new ones! I shouldn’t be having to do your job for you!


Sounds like a you issue, if it would be endemic the forums would be on fire.

Solution: backup your user and char files so when you or your PC messes up again you can copy them back.


Or perhaps people just dont post and are used to it? It certainly isnt a me issue, but I already back up my files for exactly this circumstance. Wind ya neck in when next suggesting a solution :wink:

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Dont mind Aisha Katalen, its one of the trolls on the forum


If you had posted in a normal, non whiny, manner yes. But this happened:

And at that point you get the reaction you deserve.

Lol. .

We’ve been around long enough to know when something is widespread or just a special use case situation. Something was different about your system that caused the issue you and a few others have faced. While it is the job of Devs to catch the majority of fail cases, they are human and not everything can be predicted.

The simplest way to prevent having to redo UI settings is to have a backup. Being a reasonable, observant, or helpful person should not warrant attacks.

yea honestly it was a nightmare. All of my accounts got settings reset on top of my overviews all being erased. It took me forever to try and fix it all on every single account. Honestly I know some stuff is still wrong but itll take time in practice to fix it.

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I solved the disappearing UI issue by clearing down cache and relogging. The issue has not occurred since ( and that was over a year ago ). This also solves a number of other issues, such as disappeared kill rights.

Also. another little tip :- If the side pop-out section of your character window disappears, which is not infrequent…drag the character window to chat so it becomes one of the chat windows. And then drag it out again. And…presto !..back comes the side pop-out section.

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