Multiple crashes ending in a complete UI reset

I’ve had multiple crashes tonight. Last one was a “white screen” mid warp. Doesn’t seem playable atm but has anyone else gotten their UI reset? I’m just gonna call it for today and hope the UI is back to normal tomorrow… :sweat_smile: I have a feeling I have to redo it all over again though…

You will have to, yes.

For the future: Regularly backup your settings folder in AppData/local/CCP/EVE/[Installation path folder name]/settings_[your settings name]. That will spare you from having to setup everything in the future.

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Ahh great idea, thanks a bunch! I’ll make sure to fix the UI again and make copies of all those eve files. I had no idea the game deleted all settings, I always thought I could revert back to my own settings. But last time I didn’t bother checking the facts and just fixed it the long way. Lesson learned. :slight_smile: Thanks again!

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