Resetting/saving the UI settings

I said it before and i say it till I am blue in the face: give us the OPTION to SAVE the UI
*(… and make it so we can easily copy it to other chars/accounts/share, LIKE THE OVERVIEW OPTIONS!)

Having to dig through files or use questionable external tools isn’t fun.
You only need 1 time the game shuts down for whatever reason and it’s all gone.

I was lucky to not have this for a while but I don’t see how fixing this game is MY PROBLEM
*(aka: the problem of the p(l)ayers).

Next time this happens i will not bother and delete my client (and we can talk again in 5-10y)
No other game does that. Not single-player, not multiplayer, none I had in the past 25 years.

That’s a disgrace.

I saw mobile game cash grabs that take better care of their users (why I can’t put it any nicer than that).
This ain’t a new problem. This is annoying. Nobody gives a sh…

Even Indie-games going from beta demo to full release get it right! [“Nova Lands” for example…]
Yet veteran CCP can’t ?? Too busy with edgy names (Deathless~ urrr i shudder)

This is the lowest standard after ‘keeping my safe file intact’.
The systems are in place (as mentioned: overview settings).
I don’t think that’s too much to ask for. Forget expansions. Fix the client first.

…If anyone still thinks that’s too much; then I can only hope your game crashes! :slight_smile:

have a great time,
fly save…


It’s incomprehensible to me that this game still doesn’t have this option even after so many years it doesn’t have this standard feature like other games. But they prefer to think about how to sell more SP.

That’s all right, I would like this function to be implemented properly in the new launcher, since they decided to change it.

I miss the Profile Management Tool, made it a lot easier (all content about it is now deleted but still turns up in search engines). Granted the profile system is usable in the new launcher, but not to the same affect.


Honestly I was more than a little angry with the new update not because it changed the launcher but because it completely reset my settings, ui and overview. Basically everything. On all of my accounts. It took me forever to try and set everything back up. So having a way to save it externally to make stuff like this easier is just common sense but unfortunately it doesn’t seem very common these days.

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