Hire UX designer - modernize the UI

I’m going to beat the dead horse in the mouth some: modernize the UI. Editing the Overview Settings is a nightmare. Get rid of it. There are some good-ish overview packs done by the community, but more often than not, these are missing something and/or need a bit of tailoring to work.

And you know what makes it even worse? The regular addition of new entities etc; these community packs are not updated as often as they should, meaning each time our overview settings get wiped (for whatever reason), we have to install AND update these packs ourselves again. Every ■■■■■■■ time.

This ■■■■ alone is enough reason for newer players not to play this game. Why bother worrying about new player retention when your game has a nightmarish UI worthy of Derek Smart’s worst 1990’s space games?

:red_circle: All you would need was a dialog window telling you what new entities were introduced and give you a list of all your overview and bracket settings with the opportunity to add these entities where you want them to be added. It could be so easy yet CCP doesn’t prioritize it. Why? Because CCP counts on you to make mistakes to lose your ships and assets.

After you get your overview set up, you can save it. Then you don’t have to go through installing all the packs and customization stuff again.

Also, I think the default overview sucks balls. However, the ability to customize it exactly how you like it is amazing. So, imo, the default overview needs to be fixed, and everything else should be kept as is.

Lol. People complained about the agency window automatically popping up, and still complain about event window popups. So, it’s kind of funny that the guy who puts a red dot in every post is asking for Eve to be made more idiot proof by giving us a popup window. :slight_smile: But yeah, there probably is a better way for dealing with entity additions.

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How exactly do you think the Overview settings should look.
I mean for starters this is a settings menu with about 500 options.
And since they are custom settings do you really want them being automatically changed? How do CCP know which custom setting to add the addition of new entities to, and which to not add it to. Would you want to remove them from the 15 overviews you didn’t actually want them on?
Also a dialogue window telling you new entities were added would be a give away of hidden new content.


I did not mention that it should be a popup window. There are other ways to do it, including an icon in the sidebar to open the described settings window to add the new entities where you want them to be visible. In contrast to CCP, I know what I am doing when I suggest things. :slight_smile:

Truth to be told, though, even an annoying popup window would be better than what CCP does now when they add new overview entities. Almost anything is better than CCP’s nothing.

It is not a settings menu with 500 options. I have 30 overview settings. They could be in the vertical column of the list. The 1 new entity CCP added this patch could be in the horizontal row. And each cell has a checkbox to make it show up and show up always. Each additional new thing they add to the overview would be its own column in the horizontal row. Simple and straightforward.
Nothing would be automatically changed. I never said that anywhere. Please read what I write. You have full control over what goes on with your overview settings.

As for hidden content: :man_shrugging: Don’t open the settings window and right click the button to remove it from the side bar.

Ok. Go and count how many different overview types there are. And tell me.
The 30 vertical columns isn’t a terrible idea though, but means I have to scroll sideways as well as vertically to edit my settings. I assume you would freeze the name column of both.
But it would make it much easier to edit the wrong setting.
As for a sidebar icon, hell no. there are enough things on the sidebar already.


Potentially but one would hope that CCP does not add more than 10 or so new entities for the settings at the same time. The number of settings you have would not matter. The game client knows them and can read them from the file I imported to list them in the vertical column. Freezing the top row would definitely be important or else you lose track of what is what when there are several new entities and you have scrolled down a lot.

As for the sidebar icon: Yes, there are tons but CCP doesn’t really care. It could be a new temporary icon like they introduced for redeeming things and to claim event things. It is not optimal but since you can easily remove it via right click it could potentially be better than a huge splashscreen like the event announcements that show up as soon as you log in a character. Maybe a widget button like the Notification button would work too.

In fact, it could be a notification in the first place. Similar to the Redeeming notification which opens the Redeeming window, this notification opens this new settings menu. This would even add the benefit of being able to turn it off completely if you are not interested in this kind of notifications, and no new button or UI element would be required.

Speaking of UI… Since this game practically comes down to handling your UI efficiently how come there isn’t a setting to save your current state? Like, you know if you are full screen you have a setup, if you are dual boxing and mining you have a different set up.

Come on… Even Runescape has that.

You mean like profile settings on a launcher?
Like they’ve had for years?

No, not like profile settings. That means i have to restart the client right? Or start the game with a specific setting in mind if i already know what im gonna do. I just ment it would be easier to be able to do it in game.

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