NEW UI POLL- Roll up Roll up - Tell Them what you think

  • I do not like the new skill tree UI - Give us an option to choose the old UI
  • I do like the new skill tree UI
  • I dont care, I just want to see eve burn

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The idea is great BUT we are on the internet so trolls will LIKE the new UI . It would have been funny if “eve burn” gets most votes.

You seem to be under the impression they read GD


I don’t like the new UI, but I won’t ask them to revert back to the old UI.

I just want them to fix the issues with the new UI:

After the initial surprise of a completely new looking UI where all the skills are at a different (alphabetical) place, the UI itself may not be that bad. It just needs a lot of polishing.

Giving options to ‘use the old version’ is a bad idea. Yes, the new UI is not in a good place yet, but I’d rather have them fix it than to use such a band-aid solution that doubles the amount of work CCP will need to do in the future to keep things running.


I think a better explanation of where some of the info was moved would help. But CCP has the mantra that they want us to find the info and almost all the info that I can see is available, just moved to awkward locations for no reason if using skill tree. But if looking at info for a skill first, it does make sense on that aspect.

I rejoined new eden after 1 year + brake after game became unplayable*(client issue) and support told me he doesn’t care. I didn’t knew that there are going to be any changes to the UI so i couldn’t test it out on the test server and give feedback earlier. Updating the UI isn’t a bad idea but if you do it let people test it and give feedback 1st if you don’t have time or not in a mood to do it yourself. If feedback is mostly negative give the option to use the working UI and leave the “improved” one as an option. I just left another game because of an update that made the game very bad and many people just left(PoE). Guess game development is in its period this year.

I don’t think the option to choose either UI would do any harm, kind of like the option to choose the new map.


I really don’t care one way or the other but I think there were a lot of things that should have been done long before they worried about the skill tree UI.

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At least they finally got rid of deployables spam in the starter and career agent systems. That’s only needed to happen for the past 10 years…



See… CCP listen to the community.

Not sure why all the whining. Give it 10 more years and you’ll have your UI fixed. That’s a completely reasonable timeline.


I liked the old UI but I also like the new one, I think more so than the old one. I don’t have any problem with the way they did it. I did have to look for some things but I like treasure hunts and surprises so it’s completely fine by me.
I could’ve found a few thing to 3itch about but there’re more important things in life to complain about than the design in some online game.

Some people whine too much, about everything.

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The old UI would tell me at a glance how long it would take to train to a skill to the next level. This allowed me to identify which skills are quick to train.

Now, I have no clue unless I drag the skill into the training queue.

Also, I just accidentally bought a skillbook while clicking on different skills. WTF.


CCP should’ve made mobile depots destructible like MTUs. That would eliminate depot spam throughout the whole game.


i would really love to have the old Character sheet back. the new one is to large, and confusing if you played the game since it first came out. also the progress boxes that indicate white for your completed levels are to large and to bright so it hurts my eyes when i see it, so to meet the new experience and the old experience id like to have a switch so people can make a choice when they released this yesterday i was actual thinking im done with Eve online time to move on to another game.



new UI sucks
old CCP shenanigans


need one of these for the space barbie/ken frame…