Issues with updated skill- and character windows

Hi All, I already sent an email to customer support, but I feel like my concerns wil be ignored, however they told me to share them to CSM, so they might be heard.

So it’s about the new looks of the separate skill overview and the messed up character sheet, because I’m sure some people like it and find it useul, but for me it’s actually annoying, and I would never ask for others to be forced to play the game the way I personally like it, so the only thing I would like to achieve is for everyone to have the option to choose between the old and the new version. I’ll paste here the main part of the email I sent them:

The new window for skill plans has no use for me personally, I prefer to plan my own route, and for that I use another application, which in my opinion is better designed for the purpose.

When the skill overview was integrated in the character window, it gave a more compact and clean look, which was way better than having two separate windows for them.

Also, I don’t feel the need to constantly be able to see my character’s full body view when looking at the character sheet, and it takes up space unnecessarily. Overall the character window is much more confusing looking this way compared to the former.

Lastly, the dedicated button for the skill window on the Neocom, which comes with this updated interface, cannot be removed, taking up valuable space on the Neocom where I already have many important shortcuts pinned.

I know devs have their own way, but I can’t be the only one who is dissapointed by the updates, and I think they should apply such big changes more carefully.

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This is one of those things I do not expect we will see a toggle for. This is just the way the thing will look, and while I support some changes to make it more useful (like fixing bugs and removing some of the dead space), I don’t expect CCP will be willing to even consider a toggle.


Every toggle adds to QA for every future update.

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