Skillplaner/Character sheet UI with a Switch

would be great to have a choice to go back to the old skillplaner/character sheet,

i really really really do not like this new skillplaner/character sheet UI, it is confusing. and its to big and bright it do actual hurt your eyes because of the bright square progress bars.

and my eve online experience has gotten significantly worse with the new UI, so I am now strongly considering ending a long eve online career, really sorry but here are some who have not done a really good job of figuring out what this will cause for loyal old players.

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Man I posted about the same thing 15 days ago, check it below, but I didn’t get anywhere with it… I would definitely group up or start a petition or something against the new design, I want it to go back to the way it was, or if they could add a toggle option to revert back if I want to. Let me know if you find more people who feel the same.

Also hate the new skillsheet, it is terrible.

Toggles are bad and are not a good option. CCP just needs to fix this nightmare.

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