Did you guys notice that the new skillsheet is garbage?

I can barely see the skills on the bottom of the page.


Most of the new skillsheet is devoted to skill CATEGORIES, while the actual skills are at the bottom of the damn page, practically obscured past the bottom of the screen.

PEARL ABYSS PLEASE. What are you guys doing over there? Just because BDO is trash doesn’t mean you have to turn Eve into trash as well. Come on now. I’m sure someone over there can design a sheet for skills where our skills are actually VISIBLE and comprehensible.

Thank you

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So… perhaps they need a skill to help viewing skills?


Agreed. On a small screen (like a laptop) it’s VERY hard to see the list in a category.

Can’t resize the list window either.

CCP may have fixed the biggest bugs of the new skill sheet but it still is magnitudes worse than the previous skill sheet. Readability is terrible and use of space seems to assume my monitors are twice as big as they are.


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