My try with the Skill Board UI @CCP Dopamine

As a player in EVE, that was suck.
As a UI designer, I have a new idea, or some fix of it.
@CCP_Dopamine Just @ an official, to know our suggestion.

left one is what has been updated in game, while right one is mine work.

Great, now they can’t fix it, because if they do, there is a risk that you will file a civil lawsuit claiming ownership of the idea. Good job!


Okay, there’s already 2 official feedback threads, plus several player made threads. I don’t think we need another thread complaining about this.


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more than a complaining, but a new try, at least a ‘instantiation’ complaining, isn’t it?

Well, I shouldn’t have said that you were complaining. You came after several other people were complaining, but were actually trying to offer constructive feedback. So, I apologize for mischaracterizing your post.

That being said, we still don’t need another thread for this.

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just change some color, or the shape(even add 1 px length of that board) can avoid this problem lol.

BTW, I think I need players to judge my work, that’s a designer to estimate product.
True, this thread is tooooo much :slight_smile:
maybe I should change the title to the ‘new try for the skill board’ , put the point on the ‘Duojin work’ rather than ‘complaining’

I have even better idea:

3 columns!
First column: skill categories and skills in that category upon clicking it, menu like in those in market window or fitting simulator, that it shows contents upon clicking category.
Second column: skill description with price, option to buy it in window or market or add to queue at the top or bottom of it! There could be even modules unblocked presented, or ships, or blueprints!
Third column: skill queue.
And at the top the third column the timeline.

CCP devs, take notes, its a free of charge, good layout for you now, start working on it. Few years and it will be ready I am sure.

People doing the @ thing really are so full of themselves it’s disgusting.

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@Aisha_Katalen :innocent: :smiling_imp: :popcorn:



I made visual presentation where I would like these elements

Skill queue

Skill planner



Why is this better than how it was?

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What did the very first skill queue look like? You know, the one from 2003.

I really like this, everything is compact yet information is verbose. The only thing I’m conflicted on is the accessibility while in space; while a minor problem I really liked being able to mess with my queue and look through skills while still keeping eyes on whatever I’m doing out and about.

CCP made the decision to change the Character Sheet, for better or for worse that’s what we have now.
Adapt, it’s the only option we have as EVE players. They’ve shown that with all the previous changes and I don’t see CCP taking a different route anytime soon.
So all those threads complaining or begging CCP to backpeddal are nothing but air, swordstrikes in water.

Nice work on your idea for another Character Sheet UI but it’s a waste of time I’m sorry to say.
Same for you @Nana_Skalski I like what you did but it’s useless, CCP will do what CCP wants. We’re just players and just because we pay 14.99€ a month doesn’t mean we can tell CCP how to go about their business.

Enjoy the game.

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