New skills interface, wtf?

window is all messed up, half of bottom list overlaps on topics list.

and plz plz plz keep the current skills window on tranq the same… add this new functionality as a separate space in the agency window?

BTW, that is most certainly a bug. The question is whether or not they are aware of it or not. Also, they appear to be iterating on the design (for example, I noticed that the skills are in another order). So, I wouldn’t freak out too much until you see the final design.

Anyway, leave your feedback in the official thread.
No P2W

PLEASE PLEASE make a button where we can access the old skill window still.
THIS is not the Skill gui I was buying !

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or can we at least change FONT size so it is
LESS Duplo
and more Lego ?

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