Who approved this new UI?

I dont need to view the portrait of my character

i know the art team spent a lot of work on these avatars. And that the CCP management decided to shitcan the WIS project after all of that hard work, but that doesnt mean you get to destroy our skill queue UI just to make us see your art.

what is going on over there?

Are you intentionally trying to make this game unplayable?

Why do i need extra buttons, and why did you change my skillqueue button into a portrait viewer?

What is going on at CCP? Can anyone at least try to rationalize why they changed this? What was the goal of this? What were you trying to accomplish here?

I still havent gotten used to the wallet/market window changes. I have to open 3 windows now to find the thing i want. Now you’ve done it to the skill queue too. \


who asked for this?

who thought this was an improvement?

what is the reasoning behind that thought?

can anyone explain why we’re just shooting ourselves in the feet here?


The new UI is very counter-intuitive. The old one was better.


I’m starting to think I’m the crazy one here since I’m not having a panic attack. “Unplayable”? You literally click the big button labelled ‘Skills’ right underneath your portrait and and all the skills are right there. It’s just 1 mouse click. I mean I guess the first time it’s two mouse clicks since you need to also select “skill catalogue”, but then you don’t need to do that anymore unless you want to make a plan. I’m not sure what I’m missing that I’m not as irate as apparently I should be.

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The new skills UI is absolute trash. That is all…

apparently i havent played enough candy crush to fully embrace this masochism

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I mean, I guess? But it seems like a ton of passion over a screen that most vets look at every few months and most new players will grow up with and not know the difference anyway.

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Seriously, this new skills UI looks like someone coded it in a first time HTML night class at a community college…

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Where should we put these four buttons? I know, let’s make them take up the entire screen…

bruh i gotta deal with this ■■■■ a dozen times a day.

Change clone? Open your portrait viewer first. From the portrait viewer you can expand the other part that hides all that useless stuff like jumpclones and augmentations and garbage that nobody needs to see.

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I don’t know who approved it. But I know I’m unhappy with them.


Agreed, this new skills UI is trash :face_vomiting:


Its terrible, but you know the law of CCP

If we hate it, they will make it and dare us to quit if we dont like it.

Its topsy-turvydom

The challenge of EvE is how much tea can you drink from the Dormouse’s cup

*One toggle makes it larger
And one switch makes it small,
And the ones that last week did stuff
Don’t do anything at all.
Go ask your portrait
When she’s ten feet tall.

And if you go chasing miners
And you know you’re going to fall,
Tell 'em a hookah smoking caterpillar
Has redesigned it all.
Remember your AV
When she was just small.

When the Veldspar on the D-Scan
Gets up and tells you where to go
And you’ve loaded some kind of update
And your GUI is moving slow.
Go ask CCP Aurora
I think she’ll know.

When scaling and proportion
Have fallen sloppy dead,
And the White Knight is talking backwards
And Ramona’s off her head
Remember what the dorrat said:


I haven’t had a chance to login and check out the new UI. But new tools take some time to adapt to, like when you start using a split keyboard. Give it a chance and then if it’s still junk in a couple weeks, definitely post your criticism.

Some people always trash everything though, other people’s posts, every CCP post or idea, etc., so it is unlikely that anyone will take their complaints seriously. Avoid falling into that trap if you want your perspectives to be taken into consideration.

Well, it was kind of a lateral move. They did make some improvements, but they also made some questionable design decisions as well. So, I think players do indeed have some valid criticisms, and that CCP could have done better.

But, since this is Eve, players will often blow even the small things way out of proportion.

#literally unplayable

This is brilliant.
At 61, I am old enough to remember White Rabbit from when it was spammed on the FM radio all day & night. Back when Gracie Slick was still young and boinkable.


Seriously. Can we get an option to revert back to the old setup? Within the first 5 seconds of looking at it, I knew that I hated it. They got rid of the skill training times, so you can only see them by first adding the skill to your queue. I think that would be my main complaint (so far). I haven’t bothered to check the skill plan feature, but I’m sure that will suck, too. Just let third party developers handle the fancy features because you guys clearly can’t handle it.


Apparently there is also no limit to the Alpha skill queue. You can set a skill queue for a year on an Alpha alt now. I bet the SP farmers are going to love that. Start up 1,000 Alpha accounts, set the skill queue for a year, and never log into it again…

Which can then be spun by CCP/PA as “look how many new players we are attracting to our new and improved game” :wink:

I do see one thing I like.
I like that they moved the skill queue up to the right, so I can see it all without that annoying scroll.

You also can no longer see how much SP the next level of a skill takes…