New Skill Planner UI

When are you going to fix this EPIC FAILURE? The new UI is absolutely aweful. It is way to large to the point that the legally blind can read it from across the room without their glasses. You removed key elements that were very helpful when building a skill training que.

A) Such as how long to train until the next level, was included in the list on the old version, now removed.

B)How many skill points till completed, again removed from current version.

New rendering is way to big and looks like a kindergartener designed it. Needs to have the size reduced by a minimum of 33%, 50% would be better. In its current state you can no longer be multi-tasking while looking at your skill plan. It takes up the whole screen no matter which setting you use.

Another option would be to allow players to switch back to the previous version. Especially since the new current version is anything but useful.

Overall this can only be described as an EPIC FAILURE by CCP.


This could have went in the feedback thread, not a new one.

They’re working on fixing the bugs, including the tooltip that should provide the info that was previously available.

The rest is a subjective opinion on what looks good and what doesn’t, and opinions vary.


It could have but those, both pre and post update threads were and are developing the appearance for being largely ignored.
I think this is a great place for this thread and would like to see it grow into something that gets stuff done instead of festering.

This is the third post on the subject, I posted the first I suppose, check it below, but I couldn’t achieve anything so far… I doubt that the 3 of us would be enough to make changes, but let me know if you find more people who feel the same!

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