Maybe it's time to FINALLY add cloud settings storing?

Got bluescreened recently and lost most of my settings.
I still have saved overview, but graphic, shortcuts, window positioning etc… all gone!
It’s a shame EVE doesn’t have such common feature (must-have?) in 2023 :((
It would be a good move to add it to the game.
What do you think?


I feel the same but not strongly. It’s kind of cleansing to set everything up again.

I have batch files that allow me to backup my settings to an external drive using a single click, and allow me to copy my settings from one “master” client to all my “slave” clients. It’s not too difficult, using windows cmd robocopy function, would you like some help setting this up?

Thank you, it sounds like there are file or files that can be stored somewhere for future re-use?
If so, it would be nice to know which one should be stored! Could you name them?

I have a compressed archive in the settings main folder which I regularly update with the TQ files.

You will find the files here: -


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