Is it possible to 'save' HUD settings?

So I have this freezing/crashing issue. The support told me there’s nothing they can do and it must be my hard drive. After switching hard drives and the problem persisting, i’ve given up on fixing it and faith in EVE’s support.

Which leads to the next problem i hope there is a solution for: When I crash my settings all restore to default. My Hotkey changes, my overview, window boxes (chat box size and location) D-scan, visual settings etc. I’m wondering if there is some way to save all the settings so whenever I crash it doesn’t restore to these default settings?

Interesting note: dual boxing my alt doesn’t restore to default… just my main account. And the last time it did it (just a moment ago) my hotkey changes and overview settings themselves didn’t change, just the box size, shape, and location on the screen went back to default positions which is different from 2 days ago when that completely reset to default, too… so idk what the hell is wrong with it… but I would really like to not have to re-do EVERYTHING every 2-3 days when these crashes decide to happen. Thanks for any info/help!

The settings are stored in C:\Users\[YOUR USERNAME]\AppData\Local\CCP\EVE\ and there in a folder that is named after the installation path of your EVE client (separate for Tranquility and Singularity, and other test servers). Inside the folder named after the installation path, you find more folders. The one called “settings_xyz” is/are the folders that you need to save. And put back into the same path (potentially slightly different name of the installation path folder) once you have installed EVE on the new hard drive.

You should also store the settings folder(s) regularly into a zip/7z/whatever archive or a cloud backup. On my previous PC, EVE crashed my entire PC on a regular basis and wiped all the settings for certain accounts/characters. After I had to re-setup the settings a couple of times I learned my lesson and stored them regularly in an archive to just copy them back in case they were wiped again.

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