Game (or PC) crashed lost settings


My PC or the game crashed during playing and when I rebooted I lost ALL my settings in the game. Is there a way to get them back (sidebar, channels, etc)

As far as I know there is not unless you backed them up beforehand or have them on a different machine if you are running EVE on several machines as they are not stored server-side so each client has its own settings stored locally. At least that is how I remember.

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If you have other characters (preferably on a different account) check if they are still ok. If they are you can copy over those account and character settings to the one that messed up. It’s a bit of a faff to do it manually but if you know how it takes 15 seconds.

So see if there’s a character on a different account that is still ok, reply here and I’ll explain to you how to do it.

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Nope. Apparently in 19 years no dev ever thought to simply add a ‘save settings’ function to the UI. Everything else gets saved, but not one’s sidebar, Overview, etc. And it is a pain in the proverbial having to find some remote spot in space to reset it all, as much of it you can’t do in dock.

C’mon CCP…it should be a 5 minute job to add a ‘save settings’ function and a ‘load settings’ option for re-loading.


I now have the weird thing that my chats, people and places window, logs, which I have in 1 window are in an order I don’t like.
After rearranging them it’s ok. Next time I start up the game, they in the old (wrong) order again.

Have the same.

Just putting it out there, it took them 10 years to add a Loot All button xD

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