All my Overview Settings Are Gone

So ALL my my custom settings have disappeared. Overview, layouts and short cuts.

The other day I had to log in as if my computer forgot my username and password. I thought that was strange , but i logged in to see all my personalized short cuts and everything i was tweaking was gone. Any help finding this stuff and making sure it stays would be greatly appreciated.

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:frowning: yuck.
A bit back that happened to many people. So the good news is you’ll probably be able to find the process of how to maybe get those settings again. gl o7

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That sucks. It was a huge pain when I had that problem as well a while back.

One suggestion, once you get your overview setup again, send your self a copy in an evemail. This way if it happens again you can always import from the evemail.


While I can not restore your settings I recommend after getting them back just sending yourself an evemail with the settings in it.

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Hopefully your old profile settings are still available and can be migrated in the client settings of the game Launcher.

To access that, click on the ‘E’ icon in the top right corner of the Launcher and select ‘Client Settings’.

EveMail. Send it. To yourself.

I think note also works. But still, the problem is that sometimes your whole local settings/preferences can be lost by accident. CCPlease develop some tools for backup and migrating local preferences.


You can save your overview settings to your PC within the overview windows settings screen and reimport at any time.

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join z-s overview channel

the launcher has that Click on the icon highlited by the red box and go down to client settings in the drop down menu LauncherSettings

You then get this window, where you will want to go to source: and scroll down to Tranquility, and then do the same for Target: Then select the profile you want to back up and press the copy profile button, You can then rename the profile

From there when you launch the game you can select the gear icon next to your account name and select which profile you want to launch with.


So once i get an account set up the way I want it I can apply it to the other accounts also?
Do you know where these settings/profiles are saved? Is it possible to copy/back them up somehow?

Will the settings also work on the test server?

CCP is too cool for logical and coherent client maintenance. They believe in hard work and each player’s determination to truly see the game how they want… so they fk it all up for us with every patch…


Since I seem to have trouble and have to clean re-install the game a lot after major patches, I have to go through this quite a bit. Overview is very easy to take care of.

  1. While in the game and out in space. click on “Open Overview Settings”
  2. Where the overview tabs are. go to “Misc” tab
  3. Hit the “Export Overview Settings” button and save it.

Now on your computer, in Documents\EVE you will see an overview folder. Just copy the folder to a back up location. If you lose your overview, just copy and overwrite from your backup. Then go to the same tab in game and hit the “import” button, reload your overview.

You can also use this to transfer overview to different accounts, characters, even send it to other people.

The other settings I’m not sure about, the shortcuts are a bit of a PITA to set up again but not as much as the overview. Maybe someone here can let us know which local files those are stored in.


Very much this. I have a computer that resets constantly every so often. Had a huge windows glitch a while back, redid the profile on the launcher and its still borked. But my other computers settings are fine. Would love a way to import from another computer.

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You can with the overview at least as I outlined above, I don’t know about the shortcuts and other settings though.

Edit: NM, found it, here is how to export your current settings, I will definetly try it out


Yes the overview yes but this is a client settings profiles issue. I would love to migrate a good one from another computer to this computer so I dont have to reset everything again.

A 3 second long search in these forums with the search term “backup” gave me this amazing thread:

I added a few things for other operation systems better than windoze, yes there are things better than windoze.

Another incredible thing that made it into the client when you are undocked in space are the overview settings which look like a smaller “settings” icon of what you see here on this very website on the top left, left of your character picture.

Go to “misc” and export the settings to a file named “YourOverviewBackupFile” which creates a file named “YourOverviewBackupFile.yaml” in /Documents/EVE/overview/ (Linux and mac os).

Whenever you make changes to your overview, export it again and say “yes” to the question if you want to overwrite that file.

Backup that file often and save it in da cloud.

Whenever your overview settings are lost, import that file back and go forth and gank someone - preferably not me.

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