How do you export/import UI and shortcuts settings

I know it is possible to export/import Overview settings. I would also like to be able to export and import my shortcut settings and my UI layout. Is this possible, and how do I do this? After setting up one character (which took quite some time) I would like to be able to apply those changes to my other characters without having to spend the time to do it all over again.


The official way:

Open the EVE Launcher, and instead of clicking on your account to log in, look in the options to “save profile”, and then choose that saved profile for your other accounts.

The unofficial way:

EVE keeps a cache in the folder:

AppData is a hidden folder; you need to go into the Windows Control Panel and look at Folder Settings to enable “Show Hidden Folders” so you can see AppData.

Anyway, once you’re in that eve_TQ_tranquility folder, look for a Settings folder. Each one of your accounts has a user_349204.dat (different numbers), and each one of your characters has a char_39421305.dat (different numbers) file. The settings are in these files, encrypted.

So what you have to do is copy the settings files from the character and account that you’ve customized, to the other characters and accounts.

Switch the Settings folder to show you details, so you can see when these files have been modified, and then make small changes to the settings for the character that you want to use as the template, so when the game saves your settings, the date on the files changes to today. That way you’ll be able to tell which numbers correspond to your main character / the one you’ve customized. Then just copy overwrite the other user_.dat and char_.dat with the ones you’ve customized.

If you make a mistake you can just delete the entire Settings folder and the game will re-created the necessary files as soon as you log into each account and each character. But you’ll lose all your preferences when you delete.


Awesome. Thank you. (This will help greatly in copying between my Steam client and my default client.)

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I’d like to know more about this official way. I followed your instructions and looked everywhere to find this ‘save profile’ but couldn’t find.

Elaborate more?


fooking tidi now, jesus wept!! I’m off for some EvE de-programming, and off to play hello kitty adventure, at least it fooking works!!! Thanks CCP for burning my money.

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