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I know you can copy overview settings. Is there a way to copy ALL your settings, window placements, overview etc. too ALL your characters? Or do we still have to manually do this? -_-

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The EVE Launcher app lets you log in multiple accounts, and for each of them there’s a “Settings” sprocket, click that and choose Manage Profiles. You can save the profile for the account you want, and set all the other accounts to use that profile.

For further messing with it, the config files are saved in c:\users\YourWinLogon\AppData\Local\CCP\EVE\c_eve-online_sharedcache_tq_tranquility\settings_, and you can manually copy one character’s core_char_number.dat file over the others, to copy the settings. Your character’s number matches the API number for it.

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Thank you very much capsuleer. o7

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If you wan’t to find out which file is which character the following URL will solve it. :smiley:


For “core_char_12345.dat” the link would be:

Hope this helps!

PS: For the “core_user_.dat” you need to login.

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