Manually copy settings between characters and accounts

Hi all,

here’s the new guide for copy settings between characters. It works under Windows 7, 8.1 and 10.
Personally tested under Windows 10 and 7.

The Overview can be saved and exported/imported directly in game. But not the windows settings, arrangement, UI, buttons, etc. Or at least I don’t know how to, past this procedure.

  1. Navigate to “C:\Users%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\CCP\EVE

  2. Here you have 2 folders named “xyzabcd_tranquility”. You need to locate the exact folder. Just enter in both folders and then in one of the “settings” folder. You must have files named “core_char_xyzabcd” (for the character) and “core_user_xyzabcd” (for the account) where xyzabcd is a number.
    In my case the folder is “f_eve_sharedcache_tq_tranquility\settings_f_eve_online_tranquility”.
    If you can’t locate the exact folder, follow step 3 and then retry.

  3. Open the Eve Launcher, start the game with the account and the character from which you want to copy the settings. Then logoff and close the Launcher.
    With this, it will be easier to locate the files with the “Last Modified” date attribute. There are 2 DAT files, one named “core_char_xyzabcd.dat” (for the character) and one named “core_user_xyzabcd.dat” (for the account).
    If you jumped the step 2, now you can locate the folder easily.

  4. DO A BACKUP. Backup all folder, backup all files, do what you want. But do a backup.

  5. After the backup, redo the step 3, but this time with the other account and/or character you want to copy the settings.
    Now you can locate easily again

  6. Do a backup of these files too, if you hadn’t already done.

  7. Now you have simply to rename the DAT files.
    For example:
    7.1) my account is the file “core_user_880832.dat”, the character is the file “core_char_93198572.dat”. I want to copy those settings to other accounts and characters
    7.2) the other account is “core_user_2434402.dat” and character "core_char_332195920.dat"
    7.3) I make a copy of the files of step 7.1, then delete the files of step 7.2 and rename the copies (from “core_user_880832 - Copy.dat” to “core_user_2434402.dat” and from “core_char_93198572 - Copy.dat” to “core_char_332195920.dat”)

  8. Try to login and play. Now you have the settings copied.


  • do always a backup of everything
  • the file “core_user” is the file related to the account
  • the file “core_char” is the file related to the character
  • if you have only 1 account, you have only 1 “core_user” file. Just copy/rename only the “core_char” file

Thanks to the users that wrote the old procedure:

(copy pasted from my old post:


thx for this. The eve explanation was quite useless.

Thank you. Why this can’t be a normal, easily accessed function within the game; down to windows, font size, overview – the whole UI! It baffles me.


Does this bring in all of the ship fitting low, mid and high slot setups?

I had to figure this out myself before realizing this post, haha! Yes, this is not intuitive at all, and the launcher “profile copy” doesn’t really function this way. Seems it only copies entire account data, and isn’t capable of doing character by character copying.

Great guide though here. Thumbs up to OP.

If you have it on the “master” account yes.

Best advice you can give!

By the way, the same procedure works on mac os and Linux too. The only thing that is different are the folder names to …/CCP/EVE.

My advice:

Download 7-zip and create a backup job for windows or Linux or mac os.
7-zip is freeware and works on all platform the same way.

For example:

  • 0 12 * * * 7z u -t7z /home/YourUserName/Documents/YourBackupFileName.7z -mx=6 “/home/YourUserName/.eve/wineenv/drive_c/users/YourUserName/Local Settings/Application Data/CCP/EVE/c_tq_tranquility/settings_Default/”

Would be the entry for the crontab in Linux or mac os (must be one line!!!)

On windoze you have to create a text file and copy this:

echo "Making EVE settings backup"
7z u -t7z C:\Users%USERNAME%\Myfiles\Documents\YourBackupFileName.7z -mx=6 "C:\Users%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\CCP\EVE\c_tq_tranquility\settings_Default"
echo Done

inside the text file. Rename the text file to YourBackupBatchFileName.cmd with however you want but it always must end with .cmd in windows (all windows since 3.0 - 10)

  • Do not leave out the quotes or the command won’t work! 7-zip needs the quotes whenever you have “funny” file or folder names.

Second advice:

Make a dropbox account with 2FA enabled and link or copy the files into the cloud (best is once a day), so you keep them even when your computer dies.

Thanks for this! I always hated resizing all the windows after a fresh install on multiple characters. Coming back to the game after 3 years, this process made my life so much easier when I decided to fire up the alts.

Use : %userprofile% instead of “C:\Users%USERNAME%"


If you copy paste it into the run command or explorer, it opens up the profile’s folder, no matter how it is called, on every windows running machine.


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