Settings profiles

my settings dont copy to a new account or character
i have 4 profiles and i tried all 4 of them but none of them are the same as my main character jc

I do that manually, that generally works better.

Load the character who’s settings you want to copy, undock and redock. log out, then go to /users/name/appdata/local/ccp/eve/dir/settings. Sort on time and find the lastest changes to _char (and if you run multiple accounts _user as well). Make a copy of it and name it Template_char or whatever.

Then log in the character you want to change, same routine so undock and redock, log out again. Check the latest files, copy the _char file name and delete the file. Then make a copy of the template _char file and rename by pasting the old file name back. Do the same for _user if it’s a different account.


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thanks i will try it out when i play later

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