Copy complete Settings from one to another character

Is it somehow possible to set up Overview, Windows, Buttons and stuff and just copy it to another character? I know it works with the overview itself but how can i do it with windows. chats and such?

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You can copy the settings files which you can find in your %user/appdata/local/CCP/EVE/%installdir/settings_default. There are two, one for the user (so the account) and one for the character.

Here’s what you do:

  • login in the char you want to copy from, (undock) or jump with it and then log. Sort the files in that folder on date and you’ll see the latest updated files being of that account and character. Copy those and rename the copy to something you can easily recognise like Original_user and Original_char or anything that you want. These are now your originals to copy from.

  • log in the character you want to copy to, (un)dock or jump again and then log. the new files will be of that new character/account. Create a copy of the original char file you made earlier. Rightclick and select rename for the char file you want to copy TO, select the whole name and copy the NAME. Then delete that file. Rename the newly made copy to be the name of the file you deleted. If this is an account you hadn’t copied yet repeat the process for the user file as well.

Bit fiddly but once you’ve done it a few times it’s super easy.


Thank you very much! Works perfect!

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or you can try this :slight_smile:

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