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(Sjup Dupont) #1


Is there a way I can get all my clients toys read from one layout?

Resetting the positions and layouts of 6 accounts is like taking a :poop: that’s been stuck for a day.

(CowRocket Void) #2

no, but there are small programs that will mirror setting between chars/accounts. EANM is one

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(Sjup Dupont) #4

I only just managed to get back onto the forums. I will have a look at this tonight and respond accordingly!

Many thanks!

(Lord Kalus) #5

I tried the one you mentioned and it didn’t seem to do anything. I could have used it wrong, didn’t see any documentation on how to copy across multiple accounts.

(Vale Koenig) #6

if you want one setup on all acounts you can get it with an easy copy method.

(Lord Kalus) #7

Would you mind sharing this easy copy method?

(Sjup Dupont) #8

What easy copy method?

I tried copying various files and all my efforts resulted in corruption to either my OS, the user account, VM, Client or had no effect whatsoever.

The app that @CowRocket_Void linked worked FLAWLESSLY.

It actually took me a moment to realise that the account I was looking at was NOT my main :smiley:

Thanks @CowRocket_Void

Sollution marked. Pleas elet me know where you send this 100mil I suddenly decided is spare.

(Vale Koenig) #9


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(Sjup Dupont) #10

Ahh yeah, that does work, but I needed all my settings to be identical!

When working with 15 accounts and people are getting banned for using broadcasting, I figured there must be an easier way.

This is still a fantastic option if someone is not wanting to download apps, so thanks for this!

SD :slight_smile:

(Vale Koenig) #11

an other option is